How To Comfort A Dying Vizsla? Saying Goodbye!!

How To Comfort A Dying Vizsla? Saying Goodbye!!

Once you bring a pet home, it becomes a precious part of the family in no time. So, saying goodbye to your Vizsla is something most owners avoid. However, it would be best if you remembered that no one is immortal. And since Vizslas have a shorter lifespan than humans, you must lose your beloved friend soon. So, instead of avoiding this, please start to comfort your Vizsla when you know they are dying.

You will know when your dog is close to dying by assessing the signs of their illness and behavior changes. However, Vizslas are pretty good at hiding it, so you may not notice them until they become very sick or pass away quickly.

The best way to comfort your dying Vizsla is to give them lots of love. Hold your dog, pet them and tell them how much you love them. Be present so they know you are there for their last moments without being overwhelming or annoying to the Vizsla, who may not have that long left anyway.

Letting your Vizsla die naturally is the best way to say goodbye. However, you can ask your vet for sedatives that will ease their pain and make them more comfortable in their final hours.

How To Comfort A Dying Vizsla?

Here are the things you can do to comfort your dying Vizsla:

  • Rub their ears gently.
  • Tell them they are good dogs and hug them tightly. The more you love your Vizsla, the less it could feel pain as death approaches.
  • Ensure they have plenty of food and water to eat or drink before dying from dehydration or starvation. Vizslas may not be able to drink or eat on their own.
  • Let Vizsla sleep, and do not try to wake up a sleeping dog during the last few hours of life.
  • Offer your dying Vizsla essential oils such as lavender which can lessen pain. Add it in warm bath water or have someone massage the oil onto its skin.
  • Let them go outside for a final walk. Dogs like to feel the earth under their paws before they die.
  • Give your Vizsla dog something that smells familiar such as an old blanket or toy from you, so it has memories of home when it dies and can be in peace.
  • Keep them warm by covering them with a blanket or giving them a warm bath, making the time of death relatively painless.
  • Allow Vizsla to die naturally without intervention, but if they are in tremendous agony or suffering from critical illnesses such as diabetes, cancer, and kidney disease, you may choose to euthanize your dog at this stage.
  • If you want to, you can also have a funeral for your Vizsla dog.

How Do You Know When Your Dog Is Close To Dying?

The only way to know when your dog is close to death is if they show signs of being in pain. Vizsla dogs do not want anyone around them, just for comfort or company, but because their quality of life has died. It can be challenging for a family member to let go, and it may take some discussion about what to do.

What Do Vizsla Dogs Die From?

Vizslas are a hunting dog breed and may die from health complications related to their prey. But they also can be at risk for cancers like bone cancer or tumor growth in the mouth, stomach area, lungs, or heart. They are one of the most healthy vocal dog breeds. But without proper preventative care and veterinary checkups, Vizslas are at risk for many different diseases.

The only way to know if your dog is not feeling well or sick is to show signs of being in pain. Some symptoms include immobility, howling, aggressiveness, loss of interest in food and play, etc.

Do Vizsla Dogs Want To Be Alone When They Die?

Vizslas are very vulnerable when they are dying. So, they do not prefer being around people in such a situation. Therefore, it is best to let them die naturally in their habitat, near where they were most comfortable.

However, you can comfort your dog by being present and showing that you care. But not in a way that will leave them feeling uncomfortable.

Can Vizsla Sense It Is Going To Die?

Vizslas do not know they are going to die, but the older a dog becomes, and the sicker it has become over time, they may be able to sense that death is near.

Despite the proper care, Vizslas are at risk for many different diseases. Further, their life expectancy is also low, so that a Vizsla may die sooner than a different dog breed. So even though they cannot sense they will die, you will know it is time for your Vizsla dog to pass away.

A dying Vizslas shows a lack of appetite, lack of energy, and interest in anything around them.

Is It Cruel To Let Or Wait For A Vizsla Dog To Die Naturally Despite Being In Pain?

It is not cruel to let or wait for a Vizsla dog to die naturally, but it can be hard on the family.

However, if your Vizsla is suffering from a critical illness such as diabetes, cancer, and kidney disease, you may choose to euthanize your dog at this stage.

If they can’t die with their eyes closed due to pain or discomfort, then it is not cruel for them to have their eyes open while dying because it can be a relief from the pain.

Do Vizsla Dogs Ever Pass Away In Their Sleep?

Vizslas do not usually die in their sleep. But sometimes, they may slip away during the night if suffering from an illness or old age. Then, it becomes unbearable for them to handle anymore. It is also possible that your dog may not realize death is near, and you should prepare yourself for a natural or accidental passing.

Do Vizsla Dogs Die With Their Eyes Open?

Many dogs will have their eyes open when they are close to death. Some might even seem as if they’re looking at you. It’s not because they want to see their owner one last time. But it is due to the pain and discomfort they are in or could be a relief from their pain.

How To Say Goodbye To Your Dying Vizsla Dog?

It’s important to tell your dog that you love them and thank them for everything they have done. But it may be hard to say goodbye because of the pain or discomfort they are in. You might want to hold Vizslas head up so they can see you before saying goodbye.

What To Do After Your Vizsla Dog Dies?

After your Vizsla dies, you will want to give it a burial outside if possible. Also, mark the spot with a marker or headstone. It will ensure that other pets won’t dig up their bodies while still decaying in the ground. You can also have a burial service out if not buried outside because of lack of space or laws.

If they die at night, you can still have a burial service and say goodbye to them.

Can I Have A Funeral For My Vizsla Dog?

You can have a funeral for your dog after they die. It is not unusual to do so if the family wants one. However, you may want to wait until later in the day due to heat exhaustion when burying the pet as well.

If your dog was very close to the family, then yes, they deserve a funeral.  People can even give speeches about what it meant for your dog in their life and how much you loved them. If not, then a funeral is not necessary.


Summing up, there are a few things to consider to comfort your Vizsla when it is close to dying. First, you must be strong. It will be hard for any family to lose its member.

It’s important to tell your dog that you love them. Also, thank them for everything Vizslas has done before saying goodbye. It will break their heart if you don’t.

You might want to hold your head up so they can see you before saying goodbye.

If they die during the night, it would be better to wait until later in the day due to heat exhaustion when burying your pet.

Lastly, make sure that other pets don’t dig up their body while it is still decaying. Again, it is because this will only add more stress for everyone involved.

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