Do Vizslas Like Water? Is They Do Then Why?

Do Vizslas Like Water?

Vizslas are some of the most popular and beautiful dogs in the world. They have a long, silky coat and deep brown eyes that will melt your heart. Vizsla owners will tell you they are brilliant and love their family members with all of their hearts. However, one thing many people don’t know about Vizslas is whether or not they like water.

So, do Vizslas like water? Vizslas do like water. They will play in the puddle of a rainstorm and lick up droplets from their paws after coming inside on a hot day. They tend to love drinking out of faucets or sprinklers, too. Although Vizslas don’t know how to swim in pools, ponds, and rivers, they will get in the water anyway.

Many owners say their Vizslas love going to the beach and playing on a lake or river. However, it is unclear whether Vizslas like water or not. It is because of how much they enjoy swimming or playing near a body of water, like fetching a ball or stick.

In this post, I will try to answer the questions that dog-lovers like you have asked. If I do not know the answer, I will link to an article or video that can help with your search.

Do Vizslas Like Water?

Vizslas are not usually swimming dogs. It is because most owners have been breeding these natural hunters for centuries in the Hungarian plains. Vizslas chase down prey at full gallop, sometimes even crossing rivers or lakes when necessary. Vizsla puppies love water and spend as much time playing with it. But this is usually due to their instinct to hunt.

Vizslas are good swimmers. But they do not like the water as much as other breeds due to its weight and resistance. Therefore, they may need a break from swimming after only 20 minutes or so. Because of this reason, even if it is just for some playtime on dry land with you.

Do Vizslas Like To Drink Water?

Yes, Vizslas like to drink water. Therefore, they need plenty of fresh drinking water. They will also have a high thirst drive that may require more than one bowl per day. Therefore, if you have a Vizsla, it is crucial to keep them on a schedule for drinking.

Do Vizslas Like To Play In Water?

Yes, but this is usually due to their instinct as hunters, which can be difficult for them when the game is not in sight. Also, Vizslas love to play with water, so they will likely love their time there if you have a pool or pond. Many Vizsla owners have videos of their dogs playing in a lake or river because they love the water so much.

Why Do Vizslas Like Water?

Vizslas naturally like the game of chasing down prey, which can be difficult when it’s just them and no one else around for miles. However, chasing the target is not as easy in deep snow or near a lake. The water that they see before they become an obstacle that you need to overcome. It makes it more difficult for their prey to escape unnoticed, satisfying the dog’s natural instinctual need to hunt.

The water can also be a way for Vizslas to cool off on warm days. They love the feeling of being able to wade through up to their chest in water, and they will often shake it all over themselves before getting out, which is why you’ll see that many have brown patches. Also, you can easily wash the dirt from the lake’s bottom, puddles, and streams on their fur with water.

Is It Okay For Vizslas To Play In Puddle Of Water?

It is not safe for Vizslas to play in puddles of water on the ground because there’s a chance that they could get an upset stomach from swallowing dirty or stagnant water. Therefore, it is also essential to make sure that your dog has plenty of fresh, clean drinking water available at all times so it can stay hydrated and maintain proper digestion.

What Can I Do For The Vizslas That Love Water?

If your dog is still splashing around in the water after you’ve cautioned them, there are a few things that you can do to try and get them out of it or limit their time in it:

  • Yelling at them
  • Luring

Can Water Harm My Vizsla?

Playing in the water can be great for a dog’s health. It can help Vizlas feel more energetic during the day because they’ve been able to exercise without even realizing it. The problem comes when other factors contribute to the Vizsla not being able to swim well.

For example, if they’re older and their joints are stiff or sore, it’s going to be more difficult for them to move around in the water without sinking. In addition, older dogs have some added weight. So, it is difficult for them to swim, especially when there’s a current.

How Can I Keep My Vizsla Safe In Water?

You can first make sure that your dog has a life preserver or other buoyant device attached to them before they go into the water because this will help keep their head above the surface. You may also want to choose an appropriate body of water depending on what time of year it is and how many other people are there.

Areas with strong currents can be dangerous for Vizslas because the water will constantly push them back to the bottom of the lake or river, where they could drown if their head is out of the water.

Are Vizslas Good Swimmers?

Vizsla’s tend to swim well in large lakes, rivers, and oceans because they have natural buoyancy. It means their chest will always be above water. They are also very agile swimmers, making it easy for them to turn or change direction in an instant without having any trouble.

Can I Take Vizsla To Swimming?

Most breeders recommend taking your Vizsla to a swimming pool. However, there’s a higher risk that the chemicals and other additives in the water would hurt your dog. Also, Vizslas don’t need any artificial stimulation. They love being outside for hours on end without tiring themselves out or becoming bored.

Will Vizsla Like To Hang Out On The Beach?

If your Vizsla enjoys the water, then they will probably enjoy hanging out on a beach. They love running through sand. Usually, this is because so many things are present at the beach to explore, like seaweed or small creatures living in rocks.

As with any dog breed, it’s essential to make sure that you keep an eye on them while they’re playing in the water. Also, make sure that you don’t let them go out too deep or stay in for too long.


In conclusion, Vizslas are a water-loving breed that will happily spend time in the pool, puddles, and ocean. However, before you go anywhere near any body of water with your dog, it is vital to make sure they have some buoyant device. Thus, if something were to happen, they’d be able to float back up.

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