Why Does Not Your Vizsla Like Swimming?

Why Does Not Your Vizsla Like Swimming

Swimming is a great exercise for Vizslas and most other dogs. But Vizsla owners often report that their dogs do not enjoy swimming to the point of refusing to enter the water. This article will answer your queries about Why Does Not Your Vizsla Like Swimming? Is it a normal reaction?

Vizslas are one of the smartest dog breeds in America. Vizslas rank number one among all other breeds when it comes to intelligence, agility, and trainability. Vizsla has a great personality, which is why they love spending time with their families and playing outside.

Is It Normal For Vizsla To Not Like Swimming?

As Vizslas are a hunting breed, they have an instinct to avoid the water. Usually, this is because Vizslas originated in Hungary as multipurpose hounds for use on land and by horseback-mounted hunters on hunts. Thus, they need to perform their duties, being both fearless of water and capable swimmers.

Besides this, Vizslas have a strong prey drive. So, they naturally do not like the feeling of water on their paws. As they are more likely to lose traction when wet, drenching makes them feel vulnerable. 

Further, Vizslas also dislike submerging inside water, which is why most dogs stay out of the water for prolonged periods.

Vizslas typically do not like swimming due to their body type and hunting instincts. But are trainable if owners practice patience. Vizsla dogs generally enjoy the water as long as it is infrequent and don’t give the restraint.

Do Vizslas Like To Swim?

Vizslas are very selective about what they choose to do. Oftentimes, they only go out in the water for food or playtime. Moreover, Vizslas need a good amount of exercise. So, they will often walk away from the water if it’s not what they want to do. 

Besides this, Vizslas also have a natural aversion to water. So, do not like the feeling of it on their fur. Further, these dogs are rarely in competition with one another over food. So, you will find that they usually hang out together while they play in the water. But the question is, do Vizsla dogs like water?

Vizsla dogs are a water-loving breed. But these can be selective about their preferences. 

However, Vizsla dogs also have hunting instincts. Thus, despite being excellent swimmers, they will often refuse to jump into the pool when they don’t want to.

Are Vizsla Good Swimmers?

Many Vizslas don’t like the water. Yet still, these dogs are strong swimmers although they don’t need to. So, Vizsla dogs need very little swimming training because of this natural inclination to swim. 

But Vizsla dogs will be able to find their way out of the water if they were ever in danger because Vizslas are very intelligent and instinctual animals.

Why Does Not Your Vizsla  Like Swimming: Is It A Normal Reaction?

Your Vizsla does not love water. You can see this by the way your Vizsla looks at you with those sorrowful eyes when you take off their leash and let them go into a lake, river, or even an ocean. They just shake themselves dry as soon they get out of the water and go to their favorite spot on the grass.

Further, Vizslas are not good swimmers, and they will drown easily if you do not teach them how to swim well. Vizslas can learn basic swimming skills, but it will take a lot of time for your Vizsla Dog To Love Swimming.

Origination Of Vizsla Wasn’t To Work In Water.

Breeders usually bred Vizsla to hunt fowl such as pheasant, partridge, and other birds. Vizsla is a scent hound that hunts by sight only when hunting on land. Thus, swimming (and retrieving in water) are not natural abilities for the breed.

Although Vizslas like drinking from streams or ponds but don’t enjoy swimming in water. Yet, they are happiest and most comfortable on land, not in water. As this dog wants to see the world around them, they don’t want their nose submerged beneath the surface of the water.

Water Was A Form Of Punishment For Vizslas

Generally, Vizsla dogs have an affinity to water due in part to the breed’s history. In the past, people used to punish Vizslas by making them swim in cold rivers and streams. Usually, this wasn’t out of malice but to control the dog’s behavior.

Thus, it is natural for Vizslas to avoid water because, in the olden days, people once used it as a form of punishment for Vizslas, where they would punish Vizsla dogs by making them swim in cold rivers and streams or even icy lakes.

Vizslas Don’t Like To Swim Due To Health Issues.

Vizsla dogs are prone to many health issues that would make them not like water. Some health hazards that restrict these dogs from working in water are arthritis, heart conditions, and hip dysplasia. 

Vizsla can’t swim due to the arthritic condition that makes them stiffen up when immersed in cold water. Besides this, Vizsla dogs cannot enjoy swimming because of hip dysplasia that affects their hips. 

In addition, heart disease prevents them from staying in the water for a long time.

Vizsla Isn’t Familiar To Water Surfaces

Generally, Vizsla living in a place without the lake, seas, ponds, oceans, etc., finds it harder to adapt to the water. Vizslas that live in a country with warm waters (Brazil, for example) are more likely to enjoy swimming. Further, Vizslas who live near saltwater may have difficulties adapting to the chlorine- or sulfur-rich water, but they have no problem drinking it.

Besides this, Vizslas raised by their owners from birth and given early training to swim will most likely grow up hating swimming. 

Similarly, Vizslas unfamiliar with water may be suspicious of its temperature, depth, and currents; they may fear their owners might abandon them if they have a wet coat.

Vizsla Doesn’t Like To Make Their Skin Coat Wet.

Vizsla is a sporting dog, so Vizslas do not really like water. Vizslas are good swimmers and will be happy to go swimming if they have the urge for it or you teach them how. Vizslas don’t often get too far from shore because of their instinctive need to be out of danger.

Moreover, these dogs don’t like wet and messy skin coats. So, they would rather stay away from water. Vizslas are active dogs, and they need to have a lot of space. Vizsla doesn’t like the environment for swimming because it is too tight, so Vizsla will not be happy with that.

In addition, Vizsla does not enjoy the water; this includes pools or ponds because they don’t like wet, messy fur.

What Can I Do To Make My Vizsla Love/Like Swimming?

Vizslas do not like to swim, but that does not mean you cannot train them. Vizsla dogs are very bright and they learn fast. 

You don’t need to spend a lot of time in the water with your Vizsla to teach them to float on its back and paddle without panicking or struggling. 

Vizslas are also strong swimmers, which means they can swim to safety in the event of a mishap (although Vizslas do not like to be near water). So, you can use these tips to teach your dog to love swimming with ease:

Take Your Vizsla To The Dog Beach To Make Vizsla Like Swimming

To help your Vizsla love swimming, take them to the dog beach or lake. For puppies, in particular, it may take time before they want to swim on their own. Places like the dog beach or lake are a great way to start, to build up their confidence and interest in water.

Taking your Vizsla to a place with water and their peers will give them the courage to learn and enjoy swimming.

Slowly work your way into the swimming pool as you reward Vizslas when they show signs of being comfortable with going underwater. You can also throw balls at different depths and have them retrieve them. When they are comfortable, teach them to swim towards things by throwing a toy from several feet in front of them that is rewarding for when it reaches it.

To Make Vizsla Like Swimming, Train Them To Dive In The Water

Vizslas are generally good swimmers and will be able to stay afloat easily. Vizsla dogs like water but may not want to swim, as they prefer being on dry land for their walks or exercise sessions.

Vizsla dogs typically refuse the introduction of swimming because it is new to them. Vizslas learn how to react in water gradually after introduction. Train your dog with patient and determination, but don’t force them into the pool if they do not want to swim.

Ensure Vizslas Have Life Vests Before You Start To Train Them To Swim

If your dog has a life vest during the train, it will be safer. Since these vests prevent them from drenching, they will start to love swimming. Undoubtedly, Vizslas are excellent swimmers. But if they do not have a life vest, they can feel tired and drown easily.

Moreover, Vizsla dogs love water but only when it is in the proper setting to enjoy their time swimming around happily. Vizslas new to swimming need to learn some instruction before training. You should:

Start Training On Smaller Surfaces Like A Dog Bathtub

Since bathtubs have a smaller surface area, you Vizsla are less likely to feel anxious and terrified. And once it starts loving to swim in these places, you can slowly move to bigger places like lakes, ponds, and rivers.

Teaching your Vizsla to swim in the bathtub is not a difficult task at all. Vizslas are intelligent, and you can train them to swim in a bathtub within three weeks.

Use Soothing Voice While Training So That Vizsla Enjoys Swimming

If your Vizsla has never learned to swim before (or just doesn’t enjoy it), there are things you can do to make the experience fun for everyone. Some tricks involve using a calm voice when talking about bathing, watching other Vizslas play with water, or even trying different ways of getting them in the water. To make your Vizsla happy even while they swim, use a gentle tone.

Will Vizsla Drown Easily?

No, Vizsla will not drown easily. Vizslas are strong swimmers, and they can stay afloat for a long time due to their physical build. Vizslas just do not like it when you wet or submerged them in water. There is no correlation between Vizslas’ swimming ability and age or breed type; Vizslas with or without any swimming experience, will not like taking a bath.

Vizslas are natural-born runners, and they can run at speeds more than 20 miles per hour. Butut to teach Vizsla puppies swimming, you need to put some effort just like any other dog breed.

Can I Train My Vizsla To Swim?

Can Vizslas learn to swim? Vizsla dogs are great swimmers, but it’s not for everyone. The Vizsla breed is more than happy to play in the water and loves retrieving balls or sticks from pools, rivers, lakes, ponds, or even oceans. Vizslas have webbed toes that enable them to swim and dive effortlessly. Vizslas will also chase after a ball that went into the water, swim out in pursuit of it before returning to shore with their prize still firmly grasped between its teeth.

But Vizsla dogs can’t hunt or retrieve prey from deep waters like retrievers such as Labrador Retrievers. Vizslas are hunting dogs that can also do some tracking, but they excel at bird hunting and pointing.

What Things Do I Need To Teach My Vizsla How To Swim?

This question is often one of Vizsla’s owners. Vizsla dogs can be great swimmers, but they may not like the sensation of wet coats or paws and feels itchy when water gets into their ears. Start by teaching them how to get out of the pool (a ramp). Teach your Vizsla dog to swim by throwing a toy out in the water and getting them to fetch it.

For Vizslas that don’t like swimming, you should first teach your Vizsla dog how to get off of the pool or hold their breath while underwater. Apart from swimming, this is helpful and makes bathing and grooming your pet easier. Vizslas that are good swimmers often enjoy jumping into the water, playing with you in shallow water, or retrieving a toy from the deeper depths of the pool.

Should I Worry If My Vizsla Is Always Running Away From Water?

Vizslas are a breed that does not really like water, and it’s normal for Vizsla Dogs to avoid the water. Since they can be active, they love running around in open spaces.  

But because of their instincts, Vizsa will not swim or let you throw them into deep waters even if dogs usually enjoy such activities. These dogs are not natural swimmers and need training, so you should try to teach them how to swim if they enjoy doing outside of the water.

If your Vizsla’s aversion to swimming is worrisome, there could be a medical condition causing it. Such as parasites or hypothermia (a Vizsla’s fur coat does not provide much protection from the cold). If this is the case, you should take your Vizsla to a vet for a health checkup.

Tips to Make Swimming Safe and Enjoyable for Vizsla Dogs

Vizslas are strong, athletic dogs that love to play in the water. Vizsla’s have an instinct of swimming in danger and can swim up to 12 miles per hour.

Although they don’t like it they are excellent swimmers, and you can easily train them to swim using the following tips:

  • Make sure your Vizsla is safe before entering the water body, as they have thin fur that doesn’t do well in the cold. 
  • Keep them out of waters where there are waves or currents higher than what they’re comfortable with. Currents can overpower them, so always supervise your Vizsla in the water.
  • Vizslas love challenges, and it’s a perfect way for them to bond with their owner while enjoying themselves at the same time. So, train Vizslas to swim with you.
  • Vizslas also love playing games on land like fetch or tug-of-war; teach them to perform these activities at the water’s edge. 
  • Carry a few towels and immediately dry your Vizslas so that they don’t get lick and ingest the harmful substances present in the water shore.
  • When going swimming with your Vizsla, make sure the water is warm. Their thin fur makes them susceptible to cold temperatures, so you should stay in water that isn’t too cold.


In conclusion, it is normal for Vizsla to dislike swimming, but they are often wary of water and may need some time to adjust themselves before jumping in the water. There’s no harm if you want Vizsla dogs like swimming or making them love it with all means necessary. Just make sure Vizslas are not in over their head and be patient with them.

Vizsla is a very energetic breed, but it will need time to adjust before jumping into the water. They can always learn how to swim if they want to.

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