Do Vizslas Destroy Furniture? 9 Ways To Stop Them!

Do Vizslas Destroy Furniture? 9 Ways To Stop Them!

A Vizsla is a popular breed of dog that people bred for hunting and retrieving. They are very high-energy dogs, which makes them excellent hunters. But this same energy can make it more difficult to train or stop destroying furniture when they feel bored. Their brains work them to become destructive if they do not get enough exercise or have no outlets for their energy. So, do Vizslas destroy the furniture?

Vizsla is a medium-sized dog, and most people call them the “velcro” breed because they are so affectionate. They will stay with their family no matter what. But, unfortunately, this means they can be destructive when left alone for long periods. If you’ve ever had one of these dogs in your house, then you know this well.

In this article, we’ll answer questions like Do Vizslas Destroy Furniture? Why Would Vizslas Destroy Furniture? How Can I Stop My Vizslas From Destroying Furniture?

Do Vizslas Destroy Furniture?

Yes, and this is natural. People usually breed Vizslas to hunt. So they may be destructive when you leave them alone for long periods. They end up chewing on items present in the house or attacking furniture like couches.

Vizsla dogs are very high-energy. It means they need to stay active all the time, or else their energy has nowhere to go and turns into boredom, stress, or anxiety. It can lead them to be destructive to release that pent-up energy.

Vizslas are also very intelligent and feel bored if you leave them alone for too long. They are often destructive when inside the home. It is because they prefer spending their time outside hunting or playing with people.

Why Do Vizslas Destroy Furniture?

The Vizsla is a hunting dog, so people breed them to hunt. Unfortunately, it means that when you leave them alone for long periods, the Vizsla may become destructive by chewing on items or attacking furniture like couches.


Vizslas are a social breed. They adore being around people and enjoys the company of human and animals. Keeping them alone makes them suspicious, anxious, and bored.

Thus, the Vizsla may become destructive when left alone for long periods due to boredom or loneliness. It can lead to the Vizsla chewing on items removed from the house or attacking furniture like couches.


Sometimes a Vizsla that is angry about being alone will destroy furniture like couches. It can happen when the dog is angry or frustrated with something, leading to destructive behavior after some time in isolation.


The Vizsla may also destroy furniture like couches if you leave them alone for long without feeding. Vizsla loves food and gets excited when you serve its favorite meals and treats. But hunger can make these dogs moody, cranky, and destructive.

Thus, hunger Vizslas are more likely to chew items in the house or attack furniture to find food.

Natural Instinct

The Vizsla is a hunting dog and will naturally chew on items removed from the house or attack furniture to hunt.

How Can I Stop My Vizslas From Destroying Furniture?

You can stop your Vizsla from destroying furniture with a few simple and easy tricks.

To stop your dog from destroying furniture, you can follow these tips:


The first thing you should do is to make sure your Vizsla gets plenty of exercises. Each day, they need lots of activity, including walks and playtime with other people or dogs, to avoid becoming destructive when left alone for long periods.

Exercise your dog before leaving them alone. No matter how well behaved or trained the Vizsla are, they are a hunting breed and will be destructive if left to their own devices for long periods. So get some exercise at least an hour before departure.


Please make sure there are also distractions around the house so that the dog has something to do when you leave them alone. For example, chewing toys or bones will keep them busy and stop them from chewing on furniture and interactive dog toys that reward the Vizsla with treats for playing along.


Another great way to control destructive behavior is by using a crate while not at home. For example, the Vizsla won’t access the house and chew on furniture if you safely lock them in a crate.

It would be best if you didn’t punish your dog for this behavior as it will lead to more stress, anxiety, and frustration from them, which could make things worse. You should also avoid leaving any food or trash lying around since that can encourage destructive behavior.

Close The Doors And Windows

Close doors and windows to keep them from wandering into a forbidden zone. Forbid access to rooms you do not want your Vizsla to enter and explore, such as bedrooms and closets. You should train them properly before leaving Vizslas alone in some regions of the house. You will often notice a profound change in their behavior within in few weeks after you start training them.

Keep Vizslas In Pair

Keep your dog with a buddy. A Vizsla left alone is likely to chew on items removed from the house or attack furniture to keep themselves entertained. Allow them to sleep near you at night and make sure they have company during the day if possible, such as another pet or family member that can play with them when necessary.

Pair up Vizsla with another dog or animal for a company if you want to leave them for long periods, such as while at work or out running errands.

Can I Train My Vizsla To Not Destroy Furniture?

Yes, you can train your Vizsla not to destroy furniture as long as you employ simple training techniques and provide them with the right amount of exercise and mental stimulation.

A dog owner can teach their Vizsla that destroying furniture is not an option. Dogs are intelligent creatures and will usually respond well to training if you prove that it’s worth their while.

Some of the things that you should consider when you train your Vizsla are:

Canine Communication

Dogs are intelligent creatures who communicate with each other through body language. If your dog is exhibiting behaviors you dislike, use positive reinforcement to show them that they’re doing the wrong thing. For example, you can give them a treat every time they do something right or stop what they are doing rather than punishing bad behavior.

Positive Reinforcement

It is one of the most critical training techniques to use when teaching your dog not to destroy furniture or other household items such as shoes and clothing. Never punish them for doing something terrible, but always give them a treat whenever they do something right so that they can learn what behavior you want from them.

Don’t Use Punishments.

Do not punish your dog for bad behavior if you want them to listen when trained on what they can and cannot do in the house. Ignoring small mistakes is acceptable. But make sure that you also reward good behavior with treats or praise so that it’s clear which actions you desire from them.

Training Tips

Some additional training tips that can help your dog learn good behavior include:

  • Set up a daily schedule for walking, playing with toys, and socializing. It will provide the mental stimulation they need to be happy.
  • Exercise throughout the day by taking walks or playing games of fetch outside to tire them out.
  • Keep food and pet toys in a place where they cannot reach.
  • Train them to sit, stay, and roll over on command to keep their minds active.
  • Don’t allow your Vizsla to roam free inside the house unless you supervise them so that they cannot get into trouble if left alone for short periods.

Is It Okay To Punish Vizslas When They Destroy Furniture?

It is not okay to punish Vizslas when they destroy furniture. Punishment will only make the situation worse and cause more destruction in the future.

So, it would be best if you instead tried training your dog with some of these tips listed above. You can also provide them with a healthy outlet for their energy, like exercise before leaving them alone or getting another pet to keep them company.

How To Train My Vizsla To Become Less Destructive?

You can train your Vizsla to become less destructive with a few simple and easy tricks.

All you have to do is follow these steps:

  • Place toys or an item for the dog to chew or play tug of war with while supervised. The toy should be sturdy and safe for chewing. It will distract their destructive instincts from your furniture.
  • Leave the food and water in a designated area, such as on top of a couch or dining table. It will help Vizslas from chewing up your items while they’re looking for something to eat or drink!
  • Teach your Vizsla some basic commands like “sit” and “down.” These can help make your pet less destructive when left alone.
  • Reward positive behavior with praise and physical affection, such as a pat on the head or belly rubs. It will help them associate good things happening with their actions to curb any unwanted behaviors.
  • Create a “No Dog Zone” in your house by training them not to enter certain rooms, such as bedrooms and closets. You can do this through exercise before leaving the dog alone or getting another pet to keep them company.
  • Provide your Vizsla with a healthy outlet for their energy, such as exercise before leaving the dog alone or getting another pet to keep them company.


In conclusion, Vizslas can be destructive when bored or left alone for long periods. However, by following a few simple tips, you are sure to see an improvement in your Vizsla’s behavior and have less destruction around the house.

We hope you found this article helpful when it comes to whether Vizslas destroy furniture or not. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them in the section below.

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