Do Vizslas Attack Children?

Do Vizslas Attack Children?

Vizslas are famous family breed pets. Children and Vizsla dogs go well together, but it is always good to know the warning signs and avoid them. Vizslas can be very playful, energetic, and sometimes even nippy with children – this could cause problems if you have young kids playing around your dog or accidentally waking him up while he is sleeping. You may then become anxious about whether or not your Vizsla will attack the children.

Most people would answer “no” to the question: do vizslas attack children? In reality, however, this is a common misconception. A dog with proper socialization will not have any problems around children. The key here is proper socialization of the pet from an early age.

If you consider adding a Vizsla to your family and want one good with children, I suggest reading on for more information.

Do Vizslas Attack Children?

No, Vizslas are not aggressive towards children. People started breeding Vizslas for centuries to be gentle, loyal, and smart companions that lived in the house with their families. Most owners used them for hunting as bird dogs because of their sense of smell and intelligence, making them great hunters.

But the best thing about Vizslas and children is that they are both very playful. You want your pup to be socializing well around all types of people, so introduce them to kids as early as possible.

Why Do Vizslas Attack Children?

It’s not uncommon for a dog to feel overstimulated when playing, especially with high energy levels. This can lead them to become overly excited and accidentally nip a child in the process. Your dog may also feel threatened if there are too many kids at once, so make sure they don’t overwhelm your pup.

There are several reasons why a Vizsla might attack children. They include:

  • If the child provokes them or makes them scared
  • If the child is too small and more fragile than the dog
  • When they are around other kids too much and become overwhelmed
  • If you fail to socialize them with children from an early age

Are Vizslas Good With Children?

Yes, Vizslas are good with children. It would be best to socialize them early, though, or they will feel scared of the child and act aggressively.

If you want a good Vizsla with children, I suggest reading on for more information!

How To Make Your Vizsla Like Children?

You must socialize your Vizsla early on by introducing them to children! To make this easier, I’ve outlined some tips below:

  • Socializing starts with you. If you’re a parent or caregiver for the child, you must be upfront and honest about how dogs usually behave around certain things like food or toys. Make sure to teach them how to interact with your pup in a way that’s safe for both of them.
  • Introduce the child and dog slowly. Let them sniff each other before touching or petting, then allow time for this process again after they’ve played together. This will help your Vizsla understand how to interact with the child.
  • Introduce your dog to as many children as possible in a safe environment like the backyard or on leash so they can get familiar with being around them without feeling overwhelmed by their presence

Things You Will Need For Your Vizsla To Play With Children:

One of the best things about getting a dog is its responsibility to teach them manners and behave around others. Vizslas are no exception to this rule!

You will need a LOT of patience, especially when you’re first socializing with your pup. This process can take months or years, depending on the dog and its personality, but it’s worth sticking with them. If they don’t like children, there is likely something wrong -do not give up on them.

Here are the things that you should keep in mind while Vizslas play with children are:

Supervise The Children And Vizsla When They Play:

Even though Vizslas are very gentle, they can still be rough and accidentally hurt a child. In addition, their teeth and claws will give them an advantage over the children during playtime, so you must always supervise.

Vizslas are awesome dogs that will get on well with children when you socialize them from an early age. They enjoy playing together, so make sure you have plenty of toys ready for them to play with. Owners should supervise all interactions between their Vizsla and young ones to avoid injury or accidents.

Teach The Child How To Interact With Your Dog:

If your dog likes to jump up on people, you must teach the child not to do this. This behavior is usually a sign of aggression in Vizslas and causes them to feel threatened. It’s best if they learn how to play without getting too close or touching their face while doing so

Make Sure The Child Learns How To Interact With Your Dog:

As mentioned above, it can take a while for your dog to learn how to play with something as simple as a toy. So make sure you teach the child exactly how to interact with the pets. If they don’t understand, then this process might be even slower.

Give Time For Your Vizsla To Get Familiar With Kids:

Owners should give their Vizsla plenty of time to play with a child without feeling overwhelmed. They need to see that the children are playing appropriately and not being too rough or aggressive.

Socializing your pup can take months, but it’s worth sticking with them if they like children. First, teach the child how to play with your dog. Also, make sure they understand what you expect when playing together to avoid injury or accidents.

Take Help From Professionals For Training:

If you’re not sure how to socialize your Vizsla around children, then you should take help from professional dog trainers who are more than happy to give advice or recommendations. They may even be able to offer some training sessions for the child and their pet, which might speed up the process of them becoming friends!

In some cases, if your pup feels scared or doesn’t like children, they may need professional help from a trainer specializing in behavior modification for dogs and young students.

Games That Vizslas And Children Can Play Together:

Vizslas might attack children when they have nothing to do or feel bored. So, it is best to busy them with some games to keep them entertained. Moreover, there are many games that your children can play with your vizsla.


Fetch is a great game for children and Vizslas who are good with kids. It involves the child throwing, kicking, or rolling their toy while you throw yours far enough that it’s retrievable by your pup! You can play fetch inside or outside, but be mindful of things like sticks on the ground when outside.


Like fetch, the tag is a game you can play with your Vizsla as long as they are good around children! It’s important only to run away from the dog if they are not likely to catch up or grab you. It’s also important for the child (or adults) playing with them to stop when the dog feels tired.


A game that you can do with your pup indoors when they feel bored playing outside for the day is hide-and-seek. It’s a game that Vizslas can play with one child or multiple children. So as long as your Vizsla is good around them, then they can join in too!

Toys To Play With Vizslas:

One of the best things about owning this dog is teaching them manners and how to behave around others. In addition, there are a few toys that owners use for Vizslas.


The Kong was invented in 1976 and is one of the most popular toys for playing fetch or tugging. The Kong comprises of rubber or plastic, usually comes in a variety of sizes. This toy is non-toxic and safe for your pup to enjoy- even if you leave them alone with it.

Tennis ball:

If your Vizsla loves to chase after things, you can use a tennis ball as an interactive toy for them to play with. The ball is a great way to teach your Vizsla how to bring the item back and hold on by dropping it or catching it in their mouth, as well as fetch games.


A lot of dogs love playing Frisbee, and some even try to catch it in their mouth! The best part about these games is that you can play them indoors or outdoors with your Vizsla.


In conclusion, Vizslas are a wonderful dog breed that makes great pets and companions. They love to cuddle, play fetch or catch Frisbees outside, and have fun playing hide-and-seek inside with their favorite humans. However, if you want your Vizsla to be good around children, then the child (or adults) need to teach them how to behave around them as well.

Sometimes Vizslas might also attack children unknowingly while they are playing with them. In this case, it is important to be aware of the possible problems and take precautions immediately if you own a Vizsla.

Hopefully, this post helped you make Vizslas like children and helped you to stop them from attacking children.

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