How To Breed Vizsla: 17 Healthy Ways

How To Breed Vizsla: 17 Healthy Ways

You need to be aware of some basic biology and general care.  It is important to remember that breeding vizslas can be stressful on the dog, and they may not have a high tolerance for this stress. However, they are typically full of energy, so you should breed them when feeling quite relaxed. Vizsla breeders usually take care of their females starting at around six months old because younger dogs might end up with an injury. But do you know how to breed Vizsla?

The breeding process starts with the male vizslas heating cycle, which usually occurs three to five days before ovulation in females because he needs time for sperm production. This can be an uncomfortable experience that both parties go through, but it will last only a few days and is necessary if you want your dog’s litter registered.

In this article below, you’ll find 17 steps to proper vizsla breeding.

What Is A Good Age To Breed My Vizsla?

The best age to breed a dog is when they are physically mature and old enough for the vet to certify them as healthy. This can vary depending on their breed, but it’s usually around six or seven months when you will be able to have your female vizsla bred with someone who has breeding rights and register her pups through Vizsla Club of America or American Kennel Club.

What’s Next In The Vizsla Breeding Process?

Once the female vizsla has gone into heat, she’ll need to have her cleaned out by her owner, so there aren’t any bacteria interfering with conception while also giving them some relief from itchiness during this time. It should take place a few days before ovulation because there are usually around 12 eggs in the uterus for conception.

The average gestation period is 60-65 days, and breeders will determine if they’re using artificial insemination or not. If that’s the case, then these things can happen at any time. Still, it’s typically done shortly after mating to produce pups with better genes than would likely come from breeding two different dogs together without such technology available.

How To Breed Vizsla? Summary:

To breed vizslas properly, you’ll need first to make sure that your female dog has been cleared of any health problems like vaginal infection before proceeding onto what comes next, which includes an AI procedure or natural mating.

The next steps in the process involve performing a “clean-out” on your female to remove any bacteria that could interfere with her ovulation or conception and then waiting for three days before mating so sperm production can take place.

Once this has taken place, you’ll need to wait another 60-65 days before expecting pups because it takes around 12 eggs per cycle for fertilization to occur, but some breeds may have more than others. Artificial insemination is also an option to ensure better genetics between mates, which you should do within two weeks of natural breeding.

At the end of all of these steps, the breeder will determine whether they’ll keep one pup from each litter as show dogs or sell them to pet owners who want one of the best breeds in the world.

17 Healthy Steps To Breed Vizsla

Here are 17 steps to breeding vizslas in a healthy way:

Step One: Prepare Your Vizsla To Breed

To prepare your dog for breeding, you will need to get their vaccinations and ensure that they are in good health before the process begins. This includes making sure they have had all of their shots and are not sick or injured. In addition, you can find out if your vet has any recommendations about their health before breeding.

Step Two: Find A Mate For Your Vizsla To Breed

The next step is to find a vizsla mate for your dog. You can speak with other breeders or local pet stores about reputable dogs in the area and then choose two mates that will be able to have puppies together. It may take some time to figure out which ones are the best, and you should also wait until your dog is at least six months old before considering a mate.

Step Three: Match The Dogs

It’s important to match the two dogs per their size and temperament. If they are too similar, then one of them might not breed or may even get hurt during the process.

If you are looking for a new family pet or want to breed vizslas yourself, you must know the right way to do so. This blog post will walk you through all of the steps involved in breeding vizslas.

Step Four: Attempt To Breed Your Vizsla

Now, you are ready to attempt to breed your vizsla. Your male will need to be able to “do his business” for the fertilization process and breeding transformation to begin. This is often accomplished by placing a female on their back to mate with her from behind. It’s important to remember that breeding vizslas can be stressful on the dog, and they may not have a high tolerance for this stress. They are typically full of energy, so they should only be bred when feeling quite relaxed.

Step Five: Monitor The Pregnancy

Now you will need to monitor your female throughout her pregnancy. Females who go into heat and are bred often have shorter pregnancies, so it’s important to be aware of this when you’re deciding how often they should mate.

Step Six: Watch For Pregnancy Symptoms

It is always best to start looking for signs of pregnancy in your female at least fifteen days after the mating. Common symptoms include weight gain and a change in appetite, and a slight increase in her size.

Step Seven: Watch For Signs Of Labor

In vizslas, labor can last anywhere from two to six hours. Therefore, you must know what signs to look for and when they may start to prepare with everything needed for birth before it begins. Symptoms include labored pain.

Step Eight: Prepare Your Dog For Birth

When you are ready to birth your female, she must have a “nest” to give birth. This can be anything from blankets and pillows on the ground to an actual dog bed or basket with hay inside. It’s also helpful if there are a few towels nearby should something unexpected happen.

Step Nine To Breed Vizsla: Monitor The Birth 

Now, you will need to monitor the female and her puppy throughout the birth. If she is not pushing or bearing down with contractions, there may be an obstruction that needs to be removed by a vet.

Step Ten: Learn To Recognize Labor Signs

For your female vizsla to give birth, she will need to be in labor. This can often be difficult for them, and they may become exhausted or distressed during birth. If you are unsure whether your dog has contractions, you should watch closely for these signs: bearing down with her hips, pain on their face while giving birth.

Step Eleven To Breed Vizsla: Watch The Labor Process

Now, you will need to watch the labor process in the least stressful way for your dog. You can accomplish this by keeping them calm and relaxed throughout the birth.

Step Twelve: Monitor The Temperature And Postpartum Care

When it comes time to care for your female vizsla after she has given birth, there are several things you need to be aware of. You must monitor her for a fever, which may indicate an infection and require the vet’s treatment.

Thirteen To Breed Vizsla: Seek Medical Care If Necessary

So it is always best if you know when your female vizsla requires medical attention before she starts showing signs of labor pains or other symptoms. The sooner you seek care, the better chance she has of surviving

Step Fourteen To Breed Vizsla: Take Care Of Newly Born Puppies

You must know what to do with the puppies when they are firstborn. Monitor their temperature, and make sure that they have a clean place underneath them to keep away any fluids or feces from coming into contact

Step Fifteen: Learn About Baby Vizslas (Most Important When You To Breed Vizsla)

It is difficult for a newborn puppy to regulate its own body temperature, so you must check its temperature often. If it is unable to do so, then the mother should be able to keep them warm by keeping her fur coat on while they suckle from her. Also, know that Vizsla puppies can be aggressive if you are not careful enough while raising them.

Step Sixteen To Breed Vizsla: Be Aware Of Signs of Illness

It would help if you learned what signs indicate when your dog may have an illness or infection and need veterinary care. These symptoms can include fever, lethargy, or lack of appetite

Final Step To Breed Vizsla: Clean The Delivery Area 

It’s crucial to ensure that the area where your female, vizsla, gave birth is clean of any fluids and fecal matter. This should be done as soon as possible so that no bacteria or infections are present when you care for the mother and her puppies.

Quick Tips To Breed Vizsla

There are a few tips that can help when breeding vizsla to produce healthy puppies and avoid complications during pregnancy or labor.

  • Breed your female only once every twelve weeks for best results
  • Take care when breeding your female if she is a pet and not for profit
  • Breed only healthy females who have had all of their shots. If you are unsure whether or not they are in good health, consult with the vet before mating them to ensure that there isn’t anything wrong.
  • Vizslas have a shorter gestation period than most breeds, meaning they need a break of at least fifteen days between pregnancies.
  • Females who go into heat at a young age are more likely to develop reproductive problems later on.
  • The average litter size for vizslas is around six puppies but can be as many tens. It will depend largely on the health of the female and her overall condition when you are breeding her.
  • Breeding vizslas that are not in good shape will lead to more complications. You should always try and breed a healthy female because it’s easier on her and the puppies.

Can You Breed A Vizsla Dog Without Breeding Rights?

Unfortunately, no. Vizsla dogs are a prevalent breed, and the demand for them is high, so their breeding rights go quickly. The best way to ensure that you have breeding rights with your vizsla dog is by buying it from a reputable breeder who registers all of their pets with an organization like the American Kennel Club.

Breeding rights are required for every breeding to ensure that the puppy produced is registered with an AKC dog registry. This means that you will need a litter registration certificate along with proper paperwork from the sire and dam’s owner before you can register them.

Breeding Rights To Breed Vizsla Cost Money

So it is important to think about what you want before investing in breeding rights and being responsible for paying for them every year. For example, a female vizsla who hasn’t produced any litters yet will cost around $900, while you can purchase a male from reputable breeders at around $800. Breeding rights are typically between thirty and sixty dollars per year, with some organizations charging more than others, so it’s good to ask about this before you make a purchase.

Breeding Rights For Vizsla To Breed

There are two different types of breeding rights: breeders and pet owners. Breeder’s rights give the owner, who is also typically the breeder, priority when they want to sell an animal that will produce litters for profit on their kennel or in another capacity. Pet ownership gives them no right to sell future puppies but allows them to use all of those privileges with any other vizsla dog.

It’s important to understand what each type entails and if there is someone else involved besides yourself before committing because there could be complications later on down the line. For example, it can be not easy if your partner disagrees with your decision to buy breeding rights and want to breed the dog themselves.

To ensure that you have all of your bases covered, it’s important for both parties involved in a purchase like this one to read the contract carefully before signing because many things need consideration beforehand.

If You Don’t Have Breeding Rights, How Can You Breed A Vizsla?

If you have your own female vizslas but do not know how to obtain breeding rights or don’t want to pay for it, there are other methods of acquiring one without paying anything. One way will be through adoption if she has already had her puppies and given birth successfully so that they may be looking for a new home.

The second option would be by mating two different vizsla breeds or dogs of the same breed. For this to work, both parents need to be registered with the American Kennel Club and make sure that they are healthy as it will be much easier on them if their genes produce a litter together.

The third option is by using artificial insemination between any two vizslas who have breeding rights already. You can also do this with pet owners’ options, which means you do not need your female’s consent, but she’ll still benefit from the process, like raising her puppies.

If you’re interested in doing an AI procedure, then please consult with your vet about how to go about getting one started!

Is There Money In Breeding Vizsla Dogs?

There are many ways to make money in breeding vizsla dogs. For example, if you have your own female and want a litter, then there’s always the chance that you could breed her with your male and then sell the puppies.

If you’re a breeder, breeding rights will allow you to sell litters of vizslas for profit from their kennel or in another capacity like supplying them to other breeders who may want one on display at a show. Additionally, people may want a purebred pup instead of looking through shelters which would bring more money into this situation. So there are many different ways to make money by selling Vizsla dogs!

It is also important to think about how much time you have available and what type of environment they need for raising these puppies because it can help determine if they’ll do best in a home or on the farm.


Thank you for reading this guide to proper Vizsla breeding! I hope that it helped answer any questions or concerns you may have had while also providing some helpful information.

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