Do Vizsla Dogs Need Haircut? | Wirehaired Vizslas

Do Vizsla Dogs Need Haircut? | Wirehaired Vizslas

With the hype in the popularity of Vizsla, many people are showing interest in petting this wonderful dog. Keeping and grooming these dogs is comparatively easy because of their shorter hair and lesser needs. But still, many owners sometimes neglect the need for a haircut for their Vizsla dogs.

So, do Vizsla dogs need a haircut? These dogs are famous for their beautiful and silky hair. But since their hair is shorter and does not grow more often, they do not need a haircut. Moreover, wirehaired Vizslas do need a proper haircut. They have a different coat type than the traditional Vizsla, requiring a different grooming routine.

Read on to determine how often you should brush your Wirehaired Vizsla’s fur and what tools to use.

 Do Vizsla Dogs Need Haircut?

Yes and No. Not because Vizslas don’t. Vizslas require less grooming than other breeds because of their long, beautiful hair.

Vizsla dogs only need haircuts when they get knots in their fur or mat that can cause skin problems and discomfort to the dog’s owner during brushing sessions. Otherwise, these dogs are good at keeping themselves.

And Yes, Vizsla dogs need haircuts. Because they have a thick coat that needs regular grooming, especially in the warmer summer months when they shed more heavily than at other times of the year and their hair can mat up.

Vizslas are natural shedders, so grooming is essential for keeping your dog’s fur healthy and looking its best.

Do Wirehaired Vizslas Need Haircuts?

Wirehaired Vizslas also need haircuts, but less often. They have a hard-to-reach undercoat that needs grooming with a metal comb or rake for several grooming sessions for it not to mat up.

Why Shouldn’t You Worry About Vizsla Dogs’ Haircut?

Some Vizsla dog owners are concerned about the breed’s hair length and want to have it cut, but this is not a necessary step.

It can take up to 18 months for an adult Vizsla’s coat of fur to grow out enough so that it needs cutting or trimming again.

How Often Should You Groom Your Vizsla Dogs?

Many people do not know how often they need to groom their pets because it depends on age, breed type, and coat type.

A Vizsla’s fur is long and not prone to matting, so you do not need to groom them as often as other breeds of dogs. However, you should still brush them weekly or bi-weekly at a minimum!

It will help remove loose hair, mats, and tangles that would otherwise end up on furniture or carpeting!

How Often Do Vizsla Dogs Need Haircut?

There’s no set time frame for when a Vizsla needs hair trimming. Though you should trim your dog every few months, this does not mean they need it on any particular schedule.

Keep an eye out for matting and tangles in the fur, as these will only get worse if left unchecked! If you notice any, try to brush them out or cut the knot with scissors. If this is unsuccessful, you should visit a groomer for professional help!

How Much Grooming Does A Vizsla Need?

These dogs have minimal shedding and do not require as much grooming as other dog breeds like Labrador Retrievers or German Shepherds.

Vizslas need less grooming than other breeds because of their long, beautiful hair. However, they require regular maintenance, which should include grooming, brushing, and bathing.

Grooming a Vizsla involves regularly brushing the dog’s fur to remove loose hair, mats, and tangles. It is best to use a wire brush or comb for you not to hurt your pup.

Brushing is the best way to keep your Vizsla’s fur healthy because it removes loose hair, mats, and tangles that would otherwise end up on furniture or carpeting!

Wirehaired Vizslas need regular maintenance, too. In addition, they have a different coat type than the traditional Vizsla, requiring a different grooming routine.

It is better to brush the fur with metal combs or nail brushes to remove the undercoat. It can mat up badly if not dealt with regularly.

Give your Vizsla dog regular brushing sessions, and don’t worry too much about their haircuts!

Can I Cut My Vizsla’s Hair On My Own?

You may be able to groom your Vizsla without much difficulty by trimming its hair yourself. However, it is not a good idea. Trimming done by experts is convenient and safer.

Owners should never cut their dog’s fur themselves because they don’t know the right way or length of time. However, if you want to trim your dog’s hair regularly, find a professional groomer experienced with Vizslas.

How Can I Cut My Vizsla’s Hair? Haircuts For Vizsla

Haircuts are necessary for Vizsla dogs. But it would help if you opted for them only when your Vizsla needs one, as not to hurt the dog.

There are three ways to cut a Vizsla’s hair which includes the following:

  1. Neat Trim: You must trim the neck and tail area of the dog. But not too close to the skin. Also, cut the bottom of the dog’s hair to provide a neat appearance.
  2. Clipper Cut: Most owners prefer this style for short-haired dogs and dogs with curly, wiry coats. It removes more fur than a neat trim and lets you make easy sweeping cut lines across your dog’s body.
  3. Comb Cut: With this style, owners comb the long hairs of their dog at the back to expose short hairs for cutting.

Ways And Guide To Cut Vizsla’s Hair

This option is the best for owners that want to use an electric clipper but are not familiar with them, as it’s much easier than using scissors or shears.

You can have your Vizsla trimmed in this manner by starting at the neck and working down its body before cutting its tail.

You can also start at the hindquarters and work up, trimming in a line from one side of your dog’s body to the other.

First Way: Use An Electric Clipper With a #30 Blade

One way is to use an electric clipper with a #30 blade and comb attachments to trim your Vizsla’s fur gently. It can be more difficult for some owners because of the complexity and length

Second Way: With Scissors Or Shears

A second option for cutting down long hair is using scissors or shears. The blades should never touch the topcoat (or guard hairs) of the Vizsla, as this can damage the hair and cause matting. The best way to use scissors or shears is by holding them at a 45-degree angle while gently cutting through the coat from top to bottom, following your dog’s body shape.

Trim the long coats is using shears or scissors by gently combing out a section, then snipping from one side to another following the natural shape of your Vizsla’s body.

It can be tricky to cut your Vizsla’s hair using shears, so that it may be a bit more complicated than with other options.


In conclusion, wirehaired Vizslas need regular maintenance and proper care, too. They have a different coat type than the traditional Vizsla, so that they will require a different grooming routine. You should brush their fur with metal combs or nail brushes to remove the undercoat, which can mat up badly if not dealt with regularly.

Vizsla also may need haircuts like other dogs, but not as often. It would be best if you gave them a haircut every other month or so. Be careful not to cut off too much, and take care of your Vizsla.

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