When Is A Vizsla Too Old To Breed?

When Is A Vizsla Too Old To Breed?

Having small little Vizsla puppies running and playing can for sure make your house lively and happier. But when it comes to breeding dog breeds like Vizsla, you must consider a lot of things. And this starts from the age to breed, time, nutrition, health status, and many more. So, if you are planning on breeding, please check whether your Vizsla is too old to breed or not.

With the shorter life expectancy of Vizsla, limiting the time to breed these dog sounds delusional. But like humans, Vizsla’s organs also slow down and stops functioning after a certain age. Hence, a Vizsla will be too old to breed after it is 16 years old.

Since Vizsla is a popular dog breed now, the time and age of breeding is an important question for many owners and breeders. So, to ease some of the stress, this post will discuss the time frame safe for breeding Vizsla, along with some tips on knowing when it’s time to stop.

When Is A Vizsla Too Old To Breed?

There are many misconceptions about the age of breeding vizslas. In reality, they can breed until their old age and even beyond that, too, if you have taken care of them for long enough to ensure no medical problems with them.

The age of breeding vizslas depends on several factors – the breed’s lifespan, how well you take care of them (do not overfeed or under-exercise), and your requirements and expectations from them in terms of performance and breeding.

A vizsla can be too old for breeding if they have reached 16 or more in age. When they reach this age, take them for examination of medical problems. And then discontinue breeding if there are no problems present with the dog. A vizsla is too old when it is over 18 years in age because, at that time, most of their bodily functions start slowing down. As a result, you will not get happier, healthier, and active puppies from them as expected.

Maximum Age For Vizsla To Breed

There is no specific age for Vizsla to breed. When you see a change in your dog’s symptoms, it may be the time when they are too old to conceive puppies.  If Vizsla is too old to breed, they have a lot of health concerns. When your dog has fertility issues, then it might be time for them to retire from breeding.

Usually,  a Vizsla will retire from breeding between the ages of three to four years old. When their bodies start showing signs of aging, you should worry about them not being able to breed anymore.

But you can breed Vizsla to get healthy puppies up to the age of nine years. When Vizsla is too old to breed, they will have many health concerns that need your attention. So, the maximum age for breeding Vizsla is nine years old.

Consequences Of Late Pregnancy In Vizsla

With age, the fertility of the Vizsla also decreases. One of the consequences of late pregnancy in vizslas is that puppies and their mothers are at high risk for mortality because they’re more susceptible to infectious diseases, like distemper and parvovirus.

Besides this, some other consequences of late pregnancy in Vizsla are:

  • Higher chances of maternal death
  • High chances of stillbirth
  • Larger litters with more puppies
  • Health issues in mothers such as  uterine cancer, uterine infections, and mastitis
  • Higher chance of dystocia (difficult birth) and cesarean section to save the mother’s life.
  • Miscarriage or early birth

In addition, the Vizsla will have decreased ability to carry and birth puppies. When she gets pregnant at an older age, there’s a higher chance that her uterus isn’t strong enough for pregnancy or labor. When this happens, it can lead to uterine rupture (tearing), which is fatal to both mother and pups.

Does Vizsla Get Pregnant Even In Old Age?

A Vizsla can be pregnant even in old age. When is a Vizsla old to breed is a question that many dog owners want to know about their dogs, especially when breeding and pregnant. The answer depends on the breed of the dog as well as the individual animal’s health status. For example, you can breed some types of Vizslas until they are too old to carry a pregnancy physically, but others may not have the longevity for this.

However, the oldest age safe for breeding Vizsla is  12 years old. When a Vizsla is too old to breed, he can still suffer from complications during pregnancy, such as late pregnancies, which may be life-threatening for the mother and her puppies.

So, when you’re considering breeding your Vizsla, it’s always best to discuss with your veterinarian and if they are of sound health at that time.

What Should I Do To Prevent Late Pregnancy In Vizsla?

Late pregnancy can lead to various health issues in both mother and the baby. Besides this, it may also be a reason for the puppies to suffer from congenital disabilities. Therefore, when you have an older dog, they must breed only when they are able and healthy enough to conceive and give birth.

However, if you don’t want health issues in your dog, here are some tips to prevent late pregnancy in Vizsla. Such as:

  • Spraying or neutering your Vizsla after the age of six months
  • Making sure that both males and females have a high-quality diet. This includes supplements for older dogs with joint or hip problems
  • If you own more than one dog, keep them separated during the time of estrus
  • It would be best if you never allowed Vizslas to run in large areas unattended. It will prevent them from getting pregnant and injured 
  • Don’t breed Vizslas struggling with various health issues.
  • If your Vizsla is older, you can also use birth control pills or shots for female dogs to stop a pregnancy before it starts. When combined with a high-quality diet, these options will prevent late pregnancy in Vizsla.

What Is The Right Age To Breed Vizsla?

Vizsla’s do not have specific age limits. However, when they reach a certain age, you should consider breeding your Vizsla if you have time and can afford to care for puppies.

Early pregnancy in vizslas is more frequent than in other breeds due to their size and weight when they are pregnant. When they get older, the pregnancy can be hazardous for both themselves and their puppies.

The owner must consider that there is a higher chance of unsuccessful breeding when Vizslas breed late in life than successful pregnancies because of health complications and old age. When it comes to natural mating cycles, most vizsla females have an estrus cycle of 60 days.

So, the right age to breed Vizsla is at the age of six to eight months when a Vizsla is physically and mentally ready to do so.


So, is it too late for your Vizsla to have puppies? Not necessarily. Though most people consider Vizsla as old when they reach the age of 9-10 years, there’s still a chance that their hormones will kick in and allow them to get pregnant at this stage.

If you’re considering breeding your dog past the age of 10, talk with the Vet before taking this step. It may prevent any potential complications from occurring during pregnancy such as high blood pressure and placenta problems which can lead to early delivery or death of both mother and puppy.

But if everything goes well (and it usually does), then congratulations. Your pup has just given birth to a litter of healthy puppies.

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