How To Stop A Male Vizsla From Trying To Mate?

How To Stop A Male Vizsla From Trying To Mate?

Mostly, Vizsla is friendly and doesn’t have the habit of attacking people, but if a male Vizsla tries to mate with you, this can be dangerous. It is because male Vizslas are very aggressive when it comes to mating. But, it is a natural behavior, and they can’t control it. So, it is essential to train your male Vizsla to stop them from trying to mate.

The first thing that you need to do is to be patient. You should not feel frustrated when your Vizsla tries to mate with you or any member of the family. It will just make things worse. You have to keep in mind that male dogs generally start this behavior very early, and they become sexually mature after six months.

Many products on the market will help deter your male VVizsla, and we recommend using these as a first step in stopping him from attempting to mate.

We also go over some of the most common questions people ask about why they should stop their males from mating, what happens if they mate, and more!

Products That You Need When You Want To Stop Male Vizsla’s For Mating

The other way is by using deterrents such as a rubber tire, pepper spray, or citronella bark collar (these products are most likely to work).

But it’s not as easy as it sounds. If you’re a female, keep your male Vizsla far from you or buy products to deter him, like spike collars or bitter apple sprays, for example. But if he’s already in the act of trying to mate, then your only real option is taking him to a professional groomer who can clip his private parts, so they always stay out of reach.

Anyone with a vizsla should have this done by six months. Otherwise, the risk that he could cause himself medical problems is very high due to what happens when a male dog tries and mates but can’t complete the act – inflammation and infection may result – which will make him aggressive.

Why Should You Stop A Male Vizsla From Trying To Mate?

Even though Vizslas are easy to keep, taking care of puppies is a full-time job that requires much work and patience. There is nothing worse than having to deal with an unruly male vizsla who constantly tries to mate with other dogs, people, or even his owner!

There are thousands upon thousands of dollars in veterinary bills to fix injuries caused by mating, such as broken bones. So, it is crucial to keep your male Vizsla away from mating to prevent all of these problems.

Besides this, some other ways to stop a male Vizsla from trying to mate are:

  • It decreases the cost of food and toys and reduces their chance of injuries and fighting by other dogs.
  • You can save your dog from health issues and injuries caused by mating.
  • Mating will also lead to a decrease in your dog’s lifespan.
  • You will have a way more pleasant pet who usually behaves and doesn’t cause any trouble.

What Happens If A Male Vizsla Mates?

Mating can be a scary process for any dog owner. It is especially true if you own a Vizsla and he seems to be trying to mate with another female, regardless of whether she has the interest to do so or not. The first thing that you must understand about this behavior is the dangers with it. If your male Vizsla manages to get his female partner pregnant, you will have a lot of puppies on your hands that need your care.

You must also understand that if the female is not receptive to mating with your male Vizsla and fights back, this can lead to severe injuries on both sides. It means that it’s essential that you, as his owner, stop the behavior before it causes any real problems.

How To Stop A Male Vizsla From Trying To Mate?

If you are having trouble training your male Vizsla, then you should consult a professional trainer. They will show you the proper way of stopping your pet from attempting to mount other dogs or animals. Unfortunately, there are very few ways for you to control your male Vizsla from trying to mate.

Keep Your Male Vizsla Far From Female Vizsla:

Keep your male Vizsla away from female vizslas. You can do this by keeping them in separate living spaces or even different rooms if necessary. For this, it is best to have a large house with multiple rooms so that your dog doesn’t get lonely.

Train Your Dog How To Sit:

Another way of training your male Vizsla not to mate is by teaching him how to sit on command. It will prevent his body from moving in the direction he wants. You can use it as a training technique to stop him from trying to mate with another dog.

Making Vizslas Familiar With Female’s Heat:

One of these is by introducing him to other females in heat. So he learns how they act and smells what they smell like. It will make him less interested in trying to mate with them when he sees them again.

Put Them In A Muzzle:

You can also try putting a muzzle on your Vizsla when he is in heat to stop him from trying to mate with other dogs because the female will not be able to open her mouth wide enough for mating purposes if she has a muzzle on. You may find this doesn’t work very well, though, but it’s worth a try.

Keep Vizslas On Leash:

You can also keep your male dog on a leash when out walking to prevent him from mating with other dogs. He won’t be able to move away if another female try to mate with him. You’ll still have the ability to control his movements while keeping him safe at all times. You should make sure that he does not get too close to any other dogs, though.

Spray Them Water:

You could also try spraying your male dog with water when he tries to mate because this will not only stop him from mating. But it may just surprise and confuse him enough that he doesn’t want to do it anymore.

Moreover, this can be very effective if done at the correct time while preventing him from mating. But it’s not an instant fix. If you don’t do this at the right time, he will continue to try and mate with other dogs.

Training Your Vizsla:

Another good way of training your male Vizsla is by rewarding him for obeying commands. When your Vizsla follows your order, offer a reward for his dog food or a training treat. And he will quickly learn what you want him to do by associating the tip with it. It means that one day when you tell your male Vizsla to leave another female alone, he will think of his food or a treat instead of trying to mate with her. So this is worth a shot if nothing else has worked before.

Neutering Your Vizsla:

When all else fails, you can always neuter your male Vizsla. It will not only stop him from mating with other dogs because you removed his testicles. But it’s a great way of helping to control the dog population. It is never going to be a bad thing.

Just make sure that you choose an excellent vet clinic to do this for you. Also, make sure that they are reputable.

Will A Male Vizsla Keep Trying To Mate?

A male Vizsla will continue to try and mate with his female dog partner until she is no longer in season. It usually lasts for two weeks. But the window of opportunity can be as small as one week or three weeks, depending on the individual dog.

It is also possible for a male Vizsla to mate with other female dogs when his partner has not even come into the season. He will prefer to mate while she is on heat. It may just happen that another dog passes by at the same time.

Male Vizslas are extremely intelligent. It means that they have good memories. So once they have learned a command, they will remember it for the rest of their lives.

How Do I Know My Male Vizsla Is Ready To Mate?

A male Vizsla will typically go through puberty at around six months of age. So if you notice that your dog is marking in the house, or if he is mounting other dogs, humans, and objects, it’s likely time to start working on his behavior.

Although they are brilliant dogs which makes training easy for owners, there can be a challenge to stop attempting mating with other dogs and humans.

Some of the signs that Vizslas show when they are ready to mate are:

  • Lifting their leg to urinate: Males will typically lift a leg and show this marking behavior.
  • Aggression towards other dogs. A male Vizsla may become aggressive or defensive when they see another dog, especially one of the opposite sex.
  • Constant attention-seeking. Your Vizsla may be in the mood to mate if he constantly tries to get your attention by barking, whining, and acting out.
  • Vizsla will start mounting objects or other dogs. A male dog will typically attempt mating with anything they can find, including furniture, toys, and even people’s legs. Males will also try mounting other dogs.

If your Vizsla is showing these behaviors (or any other mating signs), it’s time to start working on his behavior and stopping him from trying to mate with other dogs, humans, and objects.


Overall, Vizsla’s are an intelligent breed and will learn new commands in no time. They also can do complex tasks that other species cannot complete with ease, such as jumping fences or swimming through water.

Vizslas love spending time outside exploring their surroundings, whether a walk around the block or a hike up a mountain. However, it is essential to be consistent with your training and give them a playmate or two, as they feel bored very quickly.

A bored Vizsla will become destructive around the house, leading to many more issues down the line. However, as long as you know their traits and make some changes to accommodate them, you will have no problem with your Vizsla.

We hope this article gave you a detailed insight into how to stop your male Vizsla from trying to mate. For more information, please visit our blog.

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