Do Vizslas Actually Bite? Find Out Why And When!

Do Vizslas Actually Bite? Find Out Why And When!

If you are considering getting a Vizsla, this blog post is for you! In it, we will answer some of the most frequently asked questions about these beautiful dogs. We’ll start by answering one of the most important questions: do Vizslas bite? If they do, why do they bite, and how can I stop them from biting?

Yes, Vizslas are known to bite. Vizsla puppies may nip or chew on people and objects in their surroundings when they become bored, frustrated, overstressed, or overexcited.

It’s important to keep your pup happy with plenty of mental stimulation and physical exercise to make sure they’re not chewing on anything that you don’t want them to chew.

The first solution is training your pup with a dog trainer who can teach him how and when it’s appropriate to bite through positive reinforcement techniques such as a clicker, treats, or praise.

In this article, we’ll also talk about other methods to stop your Vizsla puppy from biting.

Do Vizslas Bite?

Yes, Vizslas are known to bite. If you search the internet for “Vizsla biting,” there will be many articles with advice on how to stop them from biting in most cases.

Vizslas are popular dogs and yet you can’t figure out why they bite out of the blue or if they have always been a one to bite their owner or objects.

Why Do Vizslas Bite?

There are two main reasons that vizslas can bite: either they were not appropriately trained or in pain.

To elaborate on the first point, if you do not train your Vizsla appropriately and don’t have time for training sessions several times a week, keep their mouth busy with healthy chewing toys. Stop them from biting by redirecting their attention to other things such as chew toys or stuffed animals.

As for the second point, some Vizslas are known to bite because they are in pain. You must take your dog to the veterinarian if you think that this is the case. In certain instances, it might be that your dog has arthritis and needs an arthritic medication that will help it with its pain.

Teething can also be a reason as well. Teething makes it hard for vizsla puppies to get to their food. So they might bite to break the gums and allow them easier access for eating.

Vizsla can also bite when they are anxious. Vizslas are sensitive dogs that anything can easily spook them. If they get startled, the result could be a bite from their sharp teeth. Similarly, they will bite strangers who scare them or protect their owners.

What Is A Vizsla Bite Force?

A Vizsla bite force is about the same as an English bulldog, meaning they have a strong bite and can break the skin with it if necessary to defend themselves. This means you need to train your dog not to use its teeth to protect itself.

A Vizsla bite can be as strong as 200 pounds per square inch (PSI). This is much stronger than the average human bite at 130 PSI and more potent than any other dog breed except for German Shepherds.  For this reason, it is important to take preventative measures such as teaching your dog not to bite.

How Do You Teach A Vizsla Not To Bite?

There are a few ways that you can teach your Vizsla not to bite. Firstly, provide chew toys for the animal and make sure they have enough of them not to feel the need to chew on your hands. Secondly, if you are training your dog not to bite humans and it is biting too hard, stop immediately and show them a toy they can play with instead.

How Do You Teach A Vizsla Not To Bite? Methods To Train Vizsla Not To Bite

Vizslas have a firm bite and are one of the breeds with a higher risk for biting. For this reason, you must take preventative measures such as teaching your Vizsla not to bite before they get older or more powerful.

It would help if you started teaching your pup early so they understand the importance of not biting. Take them to puppy training classes and teach them that chewing is only for chew toys, not people’s hands or feet. It might take some time, but if you’re consistent with your pup, then they’ll learn the lesson eventually!

Use The Word “No” 

If your dog is biting, don’t just pull away from it. Instead, tell them “no” and then redirect their attention to a chew toy or stuffed animal. Give the creature something that you can allow them to mouth on instead of you!

Teaching Your Vizsla Not To Bite: Breaking The Habit

For this method to work, you have to make sure that the pup has enough toys. If they are constantly biting because they’re bored or frustrated, then stop and give them something else to chew on.

Another idea is to put a leash around their neck so you can redirect their attention back when needed with ease!

Teaching Your Vizsla Not To Bite: Be Consistent

Expect some resistance when trying to teach your Vizsla not to chew on things, as they have sharp teeth and strong jaws. For this reason, you must be consistent with the training. If you let them bite once or twice, then chances are they’ll keep doing so!

Teaching Your Vizsla Not To Bite: Training The Puppy

Vizslas are brilliant dogs, so training them can be easy, but it takes some time. Make sure you provide your pup with chew toys and redirect their attention to other things if they try to bite anything else. Be consistent in the process of teaching Vizslas not to bite humans.

Don’t Tempt Your Vizsla Puppy With

If you are trying to teach your Vizsla not to bite, then make sure that they don’t have any tempting objects nearby. If they see something that isn’t allowed to chew on and start biting it, redirect their attention back with a toy or give them an acceptable chewing object.

Toys To Help Train Your Vizsla Not To Bite

There is a wide range of toys that you can get for your Vizsla to help them with their training process and teach them not to bite humans. Some examples include the Nylabone DuraChew Textured Dog Chew Toy, made from tough nylon and durable to withstand powerful chewers.

Other toys might be the KONG Puppy Wobbler which features a unique design that allows it to wobble around, keeping your pup engaged for more extended periods.  This one especially has an unpredictable bounce that will keep any Vizsla entertained!

How Do You Punish A Vizsla For Biting?

If your Vizsla is biting too hard and you need to stop the behavior, then it might be time for some discipline. Giving them a verbal warning first will often work but if not, or they don’t seem convinced that what they’re doing isn’t okay, try another tactic like using an air-activated spray bottle (one with water) if they are biting you.

If it’s a puppy exhibiting this behavior, then try to redirect their attention onto something else like another toy or chew item and give them time-outs in the meantime. Vizslas will eventually learn what behaviors you will allow them and which ones you won’t!


In conclusion, Vizslas will bite, but there are ways you can teach your Vizsla not to. If they aren’t biting because of boredom or frustration, then make sure they have a wide range of chewable objects available and give them time-outs for their naughty behavior!

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