At What Age Does A Vizsla Calm Down?

At What Age Does A Vizsla Calm Down?

A Vizsla is a dog that can be energetic and hyperactive, but it’s not always the case. It all depends on their temperament, age, and training. In this blog post, we will talk about at what age does a vizsla calm down? We will also discuss why our vizslas are always hyper. Why are vizslas hyper? How to calm down your Vizsla? Why do these methods work, and why are they important?

This article will explain at what age does a vizsla calm down? We will also discuss our vizslas always hyper? What causes vizslas to be restless, and how can you calm down a vizsla.

At What Age Does A Vizsla Calm Down?

A Vizsla is an energetic dog, and they do not usually calm down until about three years of age. Even then, their energy levels might still be high if the owner doesn’t take steps to help them control it through training or exercising. This breed’s tendency for being hyper can also be supported by getting them a job to do. For example, Vizsla will chew your shoes and start biting when they don’t know where to direct their energy.

Are Vizslas Always Hyper?

Not always. It all depends on the owner’s training methods and the age of their dog. Some owners will have an easier time because they live in apartment buildings that don’t allow dogs or can’t go out when other people are around, such as in the evenings or on weekends.

Why Are Vizslas Hyper?

Vizslas are hyper because they have a lot of energy. Therefore, you need to occupy them mentally or physically. It’s important for owners not to let their dogs become bored, leading them into destructive behaviors like chewing up things around your house. They also might develop anxiety if they spend too much time alone.

How To Calm Down Your Vizsla?

There are a few ways to calm down your dog, such as taking them for walks or exercising with them. They can also be given tasks that will give their mind something to focus on and keep it busy, like training or playing games outside the house.

Exercise Your Vizsla Regularly Twice A Day

Exercise is essential for a Vizsla, leading and they should be walked or taken out to run at least twice a day. This will help release energy, keep them mentally stimulated, and have less anxiety when it comes time to go home.

Play Games Outside The House

Games are also great ways of keeping your dog’s mind busy outside the house. They can be interactive games like fetch or just something that will distract them and keep them entertained for a while.

Train Your Vizsla

Training your dog is an important step in calming down their energy level because it takes some of the responsibility off you to take care of things they should know how to do on their own already.

Use Puppy Pens To Calm Him Down

Puppy pens are another excellent way to calm your dog down when he isn’t allowed inside or many people around. You can leave them in pen for a while if they seem anxious, but don’t forget to take them out and exercise with him too!

Let Him Make Friends In The Doggy Play Groups

Playing with other dogs is an excellent way of calming your dog down. If they are anxious about playing with new people, you can try going to doggy playgroups where there will be plenty of friendly pets that all want to make friends!

Use Dog Toys And Chewies To Keep Him Occupied

Dog toys and chewies are always important for your Vizsla because they will help keep him occupied and not bored. If he is left alone too long, they might start chewing on things in the house or get anxious without anything else to do.

Provide The Proper Diet And Supplements To Keep Him Healthy

A healthy diet and supplements are also important when trying to keep your Vizsla calm. They should also be getting a good amount of sleep, which can sometimes be difficult when they have high energy and anxiety levels.

Give Him Toys To Play With 

Toys are also an excellent way to keep your Vizsla occupied when you aren’t around. They provide something for him to do and help them get their energy out while waiting for you or another family member to come home.

Keep Him On A Schedule

Keeping your dog on an organized schedule is helpful because it can make sense of their world. If you know what to expect, Vizsla will calm down and not worry about the unknown because they have a schedule to follow that things make sense.

Bribe Him With Treats For Good Behavior

Using treats as a reward for good behavior is also important for calming down your Vizsla. So when they are done with their walk or have gone an hour without being destructive, please give them a treat and praise so that they know you’re happy with what they’ve done!

Give Him A Job To Do

Lastly, giving your Vizsla something constructive can help keep him from getting bored or anxious when he isn’t with you. A job could be anything from training to hunting and is an excellent way of keeping him mentally stimulated while still giving them the time they need when he isn’t with his family or doing something else productive.

Why These Methods Work And Why They Are Important?

When you walk or run with your dog, they get to release their energy and stay calm as well. Playing games is also good because it mentally challenges them and keeps them occupied while giving them something fun. Training your Vizsla can teach behaviors like how to control their energy and gives them a job to do, which can take up more time than just playing with your dog. It also teaches them good habits, so they will be less likely to develop anxiety or destructive behaviors from being bored or alone for too long. These methods work because each one affects Vizsla’s mood and behavior.


In conclusion, these methods for calming down your Vizsla are helpful because they can work on various things bothering them. However, it isn’t always the same thing, which is why it’s important to find out what is causing their anxiety and then take steps to remedy those problems accordingly!

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