Why Is My Vizsla Suddenly Chewing My Shoes?

Why Is My Vizsla Suddenly Chewing My Shoes?

A Vizsla is a small dog breed that used to hunt in the past. They are knowledgeable and are popular as excellent hunters of all sorts of game, including deer, boar, squirrels, and more. However, when they are not hunting, they can be a bit naughty. So Why Is My Vizsla Suddenly Chewing My Shoes?

Chewing shoes is a common habit of Vizsla. But some factors can entice your dog to chew, such as boredom, immaturity, teething stage, hunger, anxiety, and lack of exercise. Moreover, some Vizsal also chew shoes to get the attention of owners when they are leaving.

If you want to explore more on this subject, read on. We will take about why your dog chews shoes with some tips on how you can prevent your pup from chewing your shoes.

Why Is My Vizsla Suddenly Chewing My Shoes?

Dogs are famous for chewing shoes. And Vizsla, a hunting dog, likes to carry things around in its mouth, including Frisbees and balls.

Besides this, Vizslas can be aggressive if they feel threatened or trapped. For example, they may chew on your shoes because it gives them a sense of security, as well as reassurance for their prey drive.

However, some of the reasons Vizslas chew shoes are:

Vizslas Are Teething

Vizslas might chew your shoes because they are teething. Vizsla puppies don’t have any teeth when they’re born. But their adult teeth start to come in around five months old. It may be painful for the dogs. Therefore, they will chew things like dirty laundry, bedding, or walls to outlet their discomfort.

Vizsla Might Be Chewing Shoes Suddenly To Relieve Their Boredom

Many Vizslas, like lots of other breeds, are energetic animals that need a lot of attention. If your dog is alone too much or doesn’t have enough activities to do when you’re not around, they may find it difficult to cope, which might lead them to chew up things in the house. We recommend giving them plenty of attention, playing games involving physical activity, and providing a good chew toy to satisfy their instincts.

Vizsla Might Be Chewing Shoes Suddenly Due To Immaturity

Your Vizsla puppy likes to explore everything around them. But, of course, being a hunting dog, the best way to get familiar with their surrounding is through chewing the adjacent objects.

Moreover, chewing is a natural and spontaneous behavior for Vizslas. It helps in the development of their jaws, teeth, gums and also to release pent-up energy. Therefore, the chewing habit may not disappear entirely when your dog becomes an adult; it will gradually diminish if you train them properly at this stage itself.

Due To Hunger

If your Vizsla is suddenly chewing on shoes, they may be hungry. Unfortunately, dogs can’t speak human languages, so telling them what you want or need when they’re not around is hard. Instead, dogs will do their best to figure out how to get food themselves by looking at the environment and trying different ways things until something works.

Vizsla Might Be Chewing Shoes Suddenly Due To Anxiety

Vizsla suffers from separation anxiety when left unattended for a longer time. The owner’s absence triggers the stress, and this problem worsens if you go the dog near other people that are not its owners. They may start chewing furniture or other items around the house just because of their anxiety.

Vizslas also have problems when you leave them alone on a leash. Since being under control irritates them, they will try to run away or chew their leashes for them to get free of it.

For Attention

Sometimes a Vizsla will chew on your shoes or other objects to keep themselves busy when you’re not around or to get a reaction from you, such as scolding them for chewing on something that belongs to you and should be off-limits.

Vizsla Might Be Chewing Shoes Suddenly Due To Lack Of Training

Training is responsible for managing the behavior of Vizslas. With a lack of exercise, these dogs can exhibit negative attitudes that are difficult to manage without consistent guidance and reward-based reinforcement rites.

Vizsla is an intelligent, gentle breed that does not have the typical “destructive” or aggressive traits. However, this doesn’t mean they don’t need training from a young age to learn. Instead, start with interactive toys and commands when your Vizsla is young. Then, move forward to intense exercise.

How To Stop Vizsla From Chewing My Shoes?

Understanding the chewing behaviors of a Vizsla can help you limit their destructive tendencies. You could do this by managing their environment or taking them for walks in safe areas.

Here are some ideas that may help with controlling your Vizslas’ destructive behavior:

  1. Provide a variety of chew toys. You should also provide different chew toys, as some dogs prefer softer ones while others might like to have a more rigid toy.
  2. You can even enroll your Vizla in a doggy daycare, where they will get to know new friends and chew toys.
  3. In addition, you could also try dog-proofing your home by closing off areas that are uninteresting or unsafe for Vizslas to explore. It will help provide them with the opportunity to find something else fun around the house.
  4. Manage your Vizla’s feeding schedule. Vizsla may also need to be fed on an empty stomach first thing in the morning and last before bedtime so that they are more interested in chewing toys rather than your shoes.
  5. Proper training and managing your Vizsla’s environment could help reduce their destructive behavior.
  6. Remove temptation. It is another option not to let your dog chew. Just remove objects from the way to reach places around the house that you’re not willing to risk chewing on.

Are Vizslas Destructive?

The Vizsla is a dog that can be both loving and destructive. It depends on the training they receive as well as how often you exercise them. Suppose this breed of dog fails to get enough mental stimulation or physical activity. In that case, it will show its aggression by chewing furniture, shoes, or other items around your home to release pent-up energy.

Can Vizslas Be Aggressive?

Vizsla is a dog that can be both loving and aggressive, depending on the training they receive and how often you exercise them. For example, suppose this breed of dog doesn’t get enough mental stimulation or physical activity. In that case, it will show its aggression by chewing furniture, shoes, or other items around your home to release pent-up energy.


In conclusion, Vizslas are not as destructive or aggressive as other dog breeds, but they love to chew on things. In addition, Vizsla enjoys the chewy texture of the shoes. So, you may be missing a shoe for them to have something more interesting than what’s already around.

Next time that happens clean up any old shoes. And make sure your shoes are in a place where the pup can’t get to them. Then, if you’re still having trouble chewing, it might be time for doggie obedience school or boot camp.

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