Why Does My Vizsla Sit On Me?

Why Does My Vizsla Sit On Me

If you have a Vizsla, you may be wondering, Why Does My Vizsla Sit On Me? Is it okay if my dog sits on me when I watch TV or read a book?

Vizsla usually sits on you for attention, to get their favorite meal, for appraisal, or comfort. Besides this, dogs feel secure and safe around their owners. So, they sit in their owner’s lab during pain, stress, anxiety, or discomfort.

But why is it so important that my dog sits on me and not the other way around? Are they always in such an uncomfortable position when they’re sitting on me? What am I doing wrong that makes them want to sit on top of me instead of next to me as any civilized animal would do?! 

I will answer all these questions here.

Why Does My Vizsla Sit On Me?

You may be wondering why your dog is so clingy. Your dog could have several reasons for this behavior, including many that are not serious at all.

Usually, your Vizsla will sit on you because of the following reasons :

  • Your dog is trying to show their dominance and claim you as theirs.
  • Vizsla wants your attention or affection, so he sits on you for you to pet him.
  • Vizsla is trying to keep you from leaving the room or going somewhere else in the house as a way to get some attention and make sure they’re close to you.
  • When something near them scares them, such as another animal or a sudden noise, your Vizsla may feel safer with you close by to protect them from the unknown danger.
  • Your Vizsla is showing dominance. And trying to keep another dog away from their food, toys, or treats that they want.
  • It is jealous of your attention and affection for another person or animal.
  • It may be in pain because of the injury from a fall somewhere else in the house that you didn’t see, or they are old and have trouble getting around.
  • Your Vizsla may be cold and looking for warmth from you, or they’re trying to get under your blanket with you because it feels nice against their skin.
  • Your Vizsla is feeling insecure and needs the reassurance that you’re there for them.
  • Vizsla needs a potty break and is trying to go out in the backyard or another room with you following them.

Are Vizslas Clingy?

Vizslas are not clingy dogs, but they do form strong attachments to their masters. Unfortunately, that attachment can make them behave in ways that appear needy to others.

 For example, when you tell Vizsla to stay away from someone and he doesn’t obey. It’s likely because of his loyalty towards you rather than a lack of discipline. For this reason, Vizslas are “velcro” dogs.

Why Do Vizslas Like To Cuddle?

Scientists believe that Vizslas like to cuddle because it is an instinct for them. They have evolved into such an affectionate breed, and they do not always know when enough is enough. Sometimes your dog keeps sitting on your lamp or lying with its head in its lap instead of getting up even after you pet him twice.

Many people find it cute and endearing, but the dog maybe a little too much for some. It is primarily up to personal preference. Some dogs will only sit on someone when they want attention or feel bored, while others do not ask permission before plopping down with their heads in their owner’s lap.

What Should I Do When Vizsla Suddenly Sit On Me?

If you are not a fan of having your dog sit on you, there is no need to worry. If your Vizsla has stopped sitting on you, it doesn’t mean they don’t like being close to you or want their own space. It just might be that the other person in the room (or someone at home) is more exciting, or there is a less crowded place to sit.

If your Vizsla is one of those that can’t seem to stay off you and it’s not always welcome, then there are some steps you should take.

  • First, make sure they have a bed or pillow to lay on so they don’t hijack the couch every time someone else goes to sit down. You might even put Vizsla’s bed in another room for them when company comes over. This way, they will want space rather than closeness with everyone who enters.
  • Next, try petting them instead of having them cuddle up next to you while watching TV or sitting at the dinner table. Some Vizslas like touch but probably do not enjoy too much attention around mealtimes.
  • Third, try to reward them for being close instead of trying to push them away. Sometimes Vizsla might not understand your commands and will continue doing what you don’t want. If they do something good like sitting calmly near your feet when you are watching TV, then give them a treat or say “good boy!” in a happy voice as an encouragement so that next time he’ll know it’s okay to be comfortable in his space without taking up someone else’s seat too often.

Why Should I Let My Vizsla Sit On Me?

Vizslas are very social animals that enjoy being with people. They like to be in your space and will often follow you from room to room or even lay on the sofa next to you while watching TV together.

For this reason, it can seem overwhelming when our dogs jump up and want cuddles every time we walk past them through the house. But, besides this, there are few more reasons why you must let your Vizsla sit on you. And they are :

  • It helps them feel safe and secure.
  • It is a way of showing affection.
  • In the dog world, sitting on another animal or person shows dominance and superiority over them. Yet, Vizsla usually does this out of love, not due to aggression.
  • They are trying to show you they love you.
  • You have been bonding with your Vizsla when they sit on you. If not, then this is their way of saying hello or telling you that it’s time for a cuddle session!

So as long as they’re doing it out of love for you, then you shouldn’t be afraid to let your Vizsla sit on you.

However, your Vizsla may sometimes try to use his teeth to get their point across that they want attention (which can feel like an attack). If your Vizsla starts trying to bite when he sits on you: stop petting him and say “no,” but do so without raising your voice at him.

Are All Vizslas Affectionate?

Yes! All Vizslas are affectionate and love to spend time with their owners. Why? Dogs have a pack mentality, which means they see themselves as part of your family. They want to be the favorite member of your pack or “pack leader.” It includes you, other members in the household (children had), extended family who might come to visit, and even your neighbors!

The Vizsla is a hunting dog, which means they must be both obedient (to you) and independent. This unique mix of traits makes them perfect for families with children who like playing outside and enjoy cuddling on the couch inside while watching TV or reading books.

Other Ways Vizslas Show Affection

Vizslas love to cuddle with their owners. They are also very affectionate and will often show this by jumping up on someone or sitting in the owner’s lap when they’re resting.

Apart from jumping, there are many other ways in which your Vizsla might show its affection, like:

  • licking your face
  • carrying toys in its mouth and dropping them at your feet to show that it’s a gift for you
  • following you around the house for forgiveness after it’s been naughty
  • looking at you adoringly
  • bowing down to show that it will do anything for your approval: “My master is my king!”
  • licking any part of the owner from head to toe. The top spots are usually fingers, toes, and ears.

These behaviors are adorable and alluring that ultimately steals the heart of their owners. So, it makes it irresistible to deny your Vizsla for treats and more food.

How To Train My Vizsla To Be Less Cuddly?

It would be best to examine what it is about your pet that makes them so cuddly before you start training your Vizsla. And the cuddling habit of your pal is related to health issues. So first, consult with the Vet to solve it.

After that, you can put a training plan in place to help your Vizsla decrease the amount of cuddling. Here are some ways you can work on this:

Vizsla Won’t Sit On You After Neutralizing Training. 

If you would like to train your dog not to be as cuddly, though, some things can help:

  • Please keep your pet on a short leash when in crowded places so they can’t be as close to people.
  • Please put them in their crate when you’re not home or sleeping and keep it there until they start behaving themselves better.
  • Use time-outs for bad behavior, such as jumping up at someone’s face or nipping their heels.
  • Have your pet wear a head collar when you’re trying to train them not to jump up on people or furniture, and avoid using it as punishment.

Reinforcement Training

Reinforcement training is an excellent way to teach a Vizsla not to be too cuddly. When your dog does something you don’t want them doing, such as sitting on you while watching TV- ignore it! It means that when they’re trying to sit on you during the show (or any time), make sure to ignore them. Eventually, they will realize this habit won’t get your attention. So, they will stop doing the undesired behavior.

You can also use a water spray bottle specially designed for dogs when you want to train Vizslas not to be too cuddly. When they try sitting on you, give a quick, sharp spray of water to get their attention. And this will make them think twice about doing it again, and they’ll eventually start sitting off to the side.

Command Training

Teach your Vizsla different commands to break the language barrier between you and your dog. So, you can control your Vizsla’s activity and make it obedient and disciplined.

Thus, the steps to teach your Vizsla commands are as follows:

First, you need to teach your Vizsla to know basic commands like “stay” and “heel.” Next, have a treat in your hand or something that will interest the dog. It would help if you said the command word with enthusiasm and clarity. Finally, when your dog follows your command, reward it with praise and food treats. You should do this training regularly as the dog matures.

Then, you can teach your Vizsla to stop being cuddly by using a “leave it” command. When your Vizsla jumps on top of you or starts kissing and biting you all over, tell him in a firm voice to “leave it.” The next time he does this. Then, give him the command to “leave it” again. If he doesn’t listen for the third time and continues jumping on you, push his nose away from your face with one hand while holding his collar with the other.

As Vizslas are very affectionate dogs, they tend to want to be close or in contact with their humans at all times. However, they are also brilliant and eager to please their owners, so training them should not be too difficult.


Finally, as you hope that your Vizsla loves cuddles, it is essential to ensure they get the exercise they need. If your Vizsla is not getting enough exercise, they may need to go outside and play more often. That way, you can both enjoy all the benefits of a cuddle-loving relationship.

Alternatively, you can also keep a ball or toy nearby so that when your dog gets restless. They have something else to do besides be affectionate with you. It will help them burn off some of their energy so that they can be content dogs and your best friend.

We hope this article has given you the knowledge to understand why Vizsla sits on you? and how to train Vizsla to be less cuddly. If you have any other questions, please feel free to hit us up on our contact page. We will be happy to help.

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