Why Do Vizslas Smile?

Why Do Vizslas Smile

Vizslas are famous for their happy, smiling faces. Why do Vizslas smile? Does it have anything to do with the happiness of Vizsla? How do they have such a positive outlook on life?

So, why do Vizslas smile? Most people don’t believe that dogs are emotional like humans. But still, being loyal to their owners, there are few circumstances in which Vizslas smile. It may greet people, due to excitement, when they feel relaxed, in happiness, or sometimes in stress. Further, they give their contagious smile whenever they need to please their owners over treats, gifts, and toys.

 I will answer all these questions in this article! However, to understand how Vizslas view the world, we first need to understand what it means to be a Vizsla.

Do Vizslas Smile?

Vizsla is a cheerful dog, and that’s why they are the “Smiling Hungarian.” People breed these dogs as hunting companions for many generations now, so their temperament reflects this historical purpose: easy-going, kindhearted dogs who love nothing more than being with their family.

So, Vizslas are “one of the most content breeds.” They love to play with toys or other pets in the family. They are very friendly and affectionate with people of all ages, especially children.

Hence, Vizsla will smile when their owners are playing, cuddling, and petting because they are excited and happy.

Why Do Vizslas Smile?

Vizslas are a happy breed. So, it is no surprise that they often have a smile on their face. When things are good, people usually feel so glad, and the same goes for dogs.

Therefore, there are a few reasons that make your Vizsla smile. And they are:

To Greet People

When Vizslas first meet someone, they are usually very polite and will smile to greet them. So, this is their way of saying hello to a new person and letting the other dog know that it’s not going to be aggressive or reactive in any way. However, sometimes Vizslas often smile to show their teeth, and in this case, it would be more of a warning sign, trying to make the other dog back away before things get ugly.

Stressful Situations

One of the reasons why do Vizslas smile is because they can cope with stressful situations. Their temperament and metabolism allow them to stay calm, cool and collected. So, even when things get uncomfortable or nervous for a Vizsla, their smile remains in place.


A Vizsla’s Smile is a sign of happiness and contentment. Their attitude makes them the ultimate stress-buster, able to handle just about anything with grace and ease.

Vizslas Smile When They Get Gifts

Vizslas smile when they get gifts. It’s because it makes them feel wanted, necessary, and loved. When Vizsla receives a gift (especially from their owner), they know the person cares about them enough to take time out of their day to buy something for them or make something special just for them.

Vizslas Smile When They Play With Their Toys

A Vizsla knows that the toy is for them because it is on their bed or in front of a door where they can see it. They know that no one else would put something there to play with but them. Sometimes, when a Vizsla is playing with one of their toys, they will be so into the moment that they forget to stop and smile.


Vizslas are usually a happy breed and smile for many reasons. One of the most common reasons is during excitement, whether they have just found their favorite toy or food while running around with other dogs or when playing in the water. It’s like that “can’t help but smile when you’re happy” feeling.

Vizslas Smile To Please Their Owner

Vizslas are fun-loving by nature, and they know exactly how to get attention and please their owners. They live for the love of their owner. That is why they smile so much when near them. The more attention a vizsla gets from its owner, the happier it will be. So when you walk by your Vizsla, and they are all wagging their tails and smiling at you, it is a sign that they love you.

Vizslas Smile When They Feel Relaxed

Vizslas are happy, content, and relaxed when they smile. Why? Smiling is part of the process of helping to regulate their mood. When a Vizsla’s mouth stretches back from its teeth, this action releases endorphins that create feelings of happiness and serenity. This reaction happens as a result of feeling safe and secure.

Vizslas Smile When They Have A Job To Do

All of the happy moments your Vizsla has while playing with their favorite toy is just as good for them mentally as any other activity. Having a job to do makes them feel needed and vital. It also gives them something productive to focus on so they don’t enter the cycles of anxiety and depression.

Is My Vizsla Happy?

Coming home to see them smile and happy face of your Vizsla after a stressful and hectic day is the best feeling. Further, all the owners want a happy pet. Don’t they?

So, as a Vizsla owner, you might be wondering what makes your dog so happy. However, there are many ways to know whether your Vizsla is happy or not. Such as:

  • The way your Vizsla greets you after a day-long absence.
  • Their tail starts wagging, and they produce happy noises like giggling or snuffles when they are super excited to see you.
  • The way they are licking or cuddling up to you
  • If your Vizsla is pacing around, it means he’s not happy. He may be feeling stressed or anxious and needs a break from the situation.
  • The way your Vizsla looks at you and greets each member of the family.

What Makes Vizslas Happy?

Vizslas are happy when they feel loved, needed, have a job to do, or experience something new in their day-to-day life. These feelings help release endorphins which regulate moods, emotions, and memories.

Besides this, some other ways to make your Vizsla happy are:

  • Play tug of war with a rope toy and letting them win sometimes.
  • Give them access to the backyard or other outdoor area where they can go on long walks, digging holes in the dirt, chasing squirrels, or just exploring their surroundings.
  • Feed your Vizsla some treats like peanut butter sandwiches after going for a long walk.
  • Give your Vizsla a fresh new toy to play with that they haven’t seen before for at least 15 minutes.
  • Let them go through the house and look for their missing squeaky toy – if you find it, give it back.
  • Cuddle and spend time with your Vizsla is also a great way to make them feel happy.

What Can I Do To Maintain The Smile On My Vizsla’s Face?

Dogs are a great source of unconditional love for their owners, so it is essential to maintain that happiness. So let’s discuss some tips on making a dog happy to support the smile on their face.

  • Exercise is a great way to keep your dog’s energy levels up. You can also show them new things by exploring the different areas around you and making good use of their instincts, such as hunting or retrieving, which are activities that will enrich both the animal’s mental and physical well-being.
  • Training classes provide an opportunity for your dog to socialize with other dogs and for you and your pet to have a great time together.
  • Having the appropriate toys is another way of maintaining happiness in your pet’s life. Dogs are just like humans – they enjoy new things and playing games, so make sure that you purchase or find them some exciting toys from time to time.
  • Dog parks are a great way to maintain happiness in your dog. And this is because when dogs play with each other, they release endorphins which can relieve any emotional distress that the animal might be feeling. It also provides them with some much-needed physical activity.
  • Having a pet friend is always beneficial for an animal’s life, so it will do wonders if you can make time for your dog to have play dates with other animals.

Besides this, regular health checkups and counseling with the Vet can mitigate the chances of illness and diseases in your Vizsla. Thus, it is a good idea to take your Vizsla for regular checkups and maintain that smile on their face.


Being a strong-willed dog, Vizsla will fight for what they want, but only when necessary. They have an independent streak and are very assertive, but they will let people know who’s boss with the proper training.

Further, maintaining a healthy and happy Vizsla is a crucial part of any owner’s responsibilities. And if you are successful in providing a qualitative life, your Vizsla will smile every day.

This breed will always be happy to see you, and they’re not afraid to show it.

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