Why Do Vizslas Lick Me?

Why Do Vizslas Lick Me

Vizslas are very affectionate, and sometimes they can be too affectionate. So why do vizslas lick me? Well, there’s a simple answer to that question: because they love you! They’re not trying to get something out of you or annoy you-they want to show how much they care about you. But if it’s annoying the heck out of you, here are some ways to make your dog stop licking so much.

So, why do Vizslas lick their owners? Vizslas lick their owners to show their love and affection. Besides this, sometimes licking associates want grooming, petting, care, affection, love, attention, and excitement or happiness.

What do you think might be the reason in your Vizsla’s case? First, however, I will be explaining all the reasons for licking and ways to stop your Vizsla in this article. So read on to know more!

Is It Normal For Vizslas To Lick?

Vizsla is an amiable and loving dog. So, they love and adore being around people. But due to the language barrier between these dogs and humans, they cannot explain their love in verbal words.

Thus, they lick you, packs you, and sits in your lap to show you that they love you. Therefore, it isn’t a big issue if your Vizsla licks you. But if it does it more often, it might be some severe mental or physical health issue that you need to resolve soon.

Why Do Vizslas Lick Me?

Licking isn’t an unusual behavior in dogs. Thus, you will find your Vizsal licking your face time and often. But have you wondered by do they do so? Usually, many reasons result in the licking habit of your dog.

And the most common ones are:

Vizslas Lick You Out Of Love

Being a family dog, Vizsla loves and adores its owner. But there is a language barrier between humans and these dogs. So, they cannot express their love using verbal words.

Thus, Vizslas use different body language to show that they love you. And licking your face when you approach them is one of those behaviors that indicate their love.


Although Vizslas are easy-going dog breeds, you cannot neglect or ignore their care. Unfortunately, as grooming is a tedious job, owners often ignore this part of parenting. Thus, Vizslas being intelligent, takes it in its hand to remind its owner to groom them.

So, when Vizslas lick you a lot, they ask you to groom them.

Vizslas Lick You Due To Excitement

Vizslas love to play. Moreover, when they get a new toy, their happiness and excitement outreach to next level. So, they lick you after getting toys or treats.

Further, if you train your dog enough, licking your face can be a way of greeting you after work. Usually, after a long hour of separation, your Vizsa might be anxious. Thus, it feels excited when it sees you after long and licks you.

Vizslas Lick You For Communication

Vizslas are fun-loving dogs that like to communicate, play, and enjoy with people. Usually, these dogs feel happier and cheerful when they are around people. Thus, they use licking as a way of communication to attack everyone around them.

Further, your Vizsla might be licking you to ask you something that might be the favorite toy, treats, food, or an invitation to play.

Vizslas Lick You For Attention

Vizsla loves being in the spotlight. Moreover, due to their irresistible body structure and friendly temperament, everyone will always love them. But the one that these dogs adore the most is their owners.

Thus, your Vizsla might lick your face when you are busy with your chores to get your attention.

Showing Affection And Care

Vizslas has the ability to read your body language and understand your mood. And since they love you, they will do their best to calm you and make you feel better. Further, licking is a common habit to shower their mother’s love, affection, and care to their child.

So, out of this instinctive habit, your Vizsla will lick you whenever it sees you sad and depressed.

Should I Worry When Vizslas Lick Kids?

Although licking is a way of showing affection by Vizsla, still, these dogs may have different germs in their saliva. Besides this, Vizslas are famous for hunting, retrieving, and running all day for food. Thus, during this period, they explore their surrounding by chewing and biting everything around them.

So, when Vizslas return home, they might carry various infectious agents of the surrounding in the mouth. And letting your dog lick the kids and babies makes them in direct contact with germs that might be harmful to your young ones.

However, sometimes Vizslas might have severe dental problems, and licking can transmit it to the kids. Thus, it is better not to let Vizsla lick your kid’s face.

Are There Other Ways In Which Your Vizsla Show Their Love?

After living with humans for centuries, these dogs learned emotions and love. But, undoubtedly, a barrier of language still exists between humans and Vizslas. So, these dogs gathered other few ways to express their love. And they are:

  • Licking owners face
  • Pawing
  • Hugging
  • Sitting in the lap of owners
  • Cuddling
  • Rolling over the floor
  • Barking etc.

Is Licking Vizsla’s Way Of Kissing?

Generally, in the dog’s world, licking is a way of expressing their love and affection to their loved ones. They lick their puppies after birth, mating partners, and even the toys or food they love.

Therefore, licking can show dogs’ love, care, and affection, just like kissing in humans. Hence, you can somewhat relate to Vizsla’s licking habit as a way of kissing.

When Is Vizsla Licking You A Problem?

If you look at this question superficially, you might think that there would be a problem if licking is a way of expressing love. But on close consideration, you will find that licking can be a serious and life-threatening problem sometimes.

Moreover, the circumstances when Vizsla’s licking behavior can be a problem are:

  • When your Vizsla is suffering from oral and dental problems like periodontal diseases, gingivitis, or abscesses.
  • If Vizsla is suffering from a skin condition like mange, dermatitis, or allergies.
  • If your dog is mouthing while licking you.
  • When Vizsla tries to lick strangers, and they hurt your dog in defense.
  • When your Vizsla licks you more often and acts needy.
  • If your Vizsla wants to lick your face after playing in the ground all day.
  • If these dogs lick the face of your kids and babies.

What Can I Do About Vizslas’ Licking Problem?

Although the licking habit of your Vizsla seems affectionate and lovely, it still might be dangerous in some situations. More specifically, when they try to lick strangers, kids, and babies.

Therefore, it is essential to manage this problem. For this, here are some tips that can help you control your Vizsla’s licking problem.

  • Keep a tight leash on your Vizsla.
  • If they are licking people, have them wear a muzzle to prevent any dangerous bites from happening.
  • Train your Vizsla by rewarding them every time they do not lick someone and punish when they do lick someone so that you can avoid the problem in the future too.
  • Distract your dog with chew toys.
  • Teach your Vizsla to lay on their side instead of licking. This will help them get the love and attention they are craving without hurting anyone in the process.
  • If your Vizsla is licking people because they are asking for attention, then you should give them more time and affection.
  • Take your Vizsla for regular health checkups to manage dental and skin issues.

What Are The Training Methods To Stop Vizsla From Licking?

Training is the best and most effective method to manage your Vizsla’s behavior. But you need a lot of patience and be consistent if you want to teach your pal.

Some of the training methods to stop your Vizsla from licking are:

Command Training

Since Vizslas are intelligent, you can teach several commands to these dogs in lesser time. Such commands are, sit, stay, stop, go, stand, etc. After your dog gets familiar with this command, you can control them and manage their behaviors.

The best command to teach your Vizsla is to stop and sit down when managing your pet’s licking habit. Just command your pet to stop if they lick you. Then, order them to sit and calm themselves.

Leash Training

Leaving your untrained Vizsla around kids isn’t a good idea. So, you should better give your pet leash training to stay under and behave well whenever other people approach them.

Besides this, leash training is the best way to manage your pet’s aggression, biting, and chewing habits.

Positive Enforcement Training

Positive enforcement training helps your Vizsla to differentiate between what is good and what is bad. But, unfortunately, even though your Vizsla might have excellent intelligence, they aren’t knowledgeable to differentiate between good and bad.

So, Vizslas sometimes becomes mischievous in playfulness. Hence, to manage the behavior of your dog, positive reinforcement training is best.

In this training, you must reward your Vizsla with his favorite toy or treat if he sits down and stops licking after you say no. But if he doesn’t follow your order, you must ignore your dog for some time.


Licking is a natural behavior that many dogs exhibit. Unfortunately, Vizslas happen to lick more than most breeds, which can be frustrating for their owners.

Suppose the constant licking has become bothersome or worrisome. We’ve got a few ideas about why they do it and have a list of tips. And they will hopefully provide some relief when dealing with excessive lickers.

But we want to know what you think! Why do vizslas lick me? Let us know in the comments below.

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