What Is The Average Price For A Vizsla Puppy?

What Is The Average Price For A Vizsla Puppy?

Vizslas are a beautiful dog breed with many characteristics that make them perfect for first-time pet owners. As people are learning about their abilities and features, Vizslas are gaining more and more popularity. So, the demand for these dog breed is at hype. Due to ease in training, most people prefer to buy Vizsla puppy whose average price depends on where you buy one and what type of breeder they come from

So, what is the average price for a Vizsla puppy? These dogs vary a lot in price, so the average price of Vizsla can range anywhere between $500 to  $2000. Normally, the cost of a puppy Vizsla depends on the bloodline, reputation of breeders, documentation, certification, and vaccine (health status). 

This article will answer the question of what the average price for a Vizsla puppy is? And discuss some other things to consider when looking at this dog breed.

Are Vizslas Expensive?

Vizslas are not cheap dogs to buy. A reputable breeder will have their puppies priced between $1500-$3000 in the United States, with higher prices (sometimes even double) if you want to show quality or an imported dog from Europe. So depending on where you live, the cost of a Vizsla puppy can be very high or low.

What Are Some Expenses That Follow Vizslas Home?

Since they are such active dogs, you should expect to pay for food, toys, training classes, and vet visits.

In general, the average dog will cost around $500 a year to maintain. It would be best if you also thought about whether you are willing or able to take on some of the responsibilities that come with caring for a Vizsla – like grooming and bathing them regularly. It can be quite time-consuming if you don’t already have experience.

What Is The Average Price For A Vizsla Puppy?

It is not common to find a Vizsla puppy for sale below $2000, but the average price for a Vizsla is around $3500. But different factors can affect the price of a Vizsla, such as:

  • What are you looking for in a puppy, and how much time can you spend with them on weekdays?
  • Type of breed you want to get from this breeder (line) – based on their reputation.
  • Local laws and requirements of breeder’s license?
  • Reputation of breeder
  • What vaccinations have they had?
  • Test for heartworm, parasites, or other diseases that might affect its health and yours?
  • Does the breeder require you to sign a contract? What does it say?  Conditions on your refund policy, and what happens if something goes wrong with this dog?
  • Things included in the puppy’s price – e.g., shots, dewclaws removed, tail docked or not (depending on the breeder), spay/neuter and other services, etc.

Why Are Vizslas So Expensive?

The price of a Vizsla puppy is certainly not low, and some would say it’s even outrageous. And as these dog breeds are getting more and more popular, their price also has skyrise.

Many people are ready to pay this high price. But others feel that it’s just too much money and argue why these dogs cost so much more than other breeds of dog-like pugs or bichon fries. However, few reasons why the Vizslas are so expensive are:

Bloodline And Price Of Vizsla Puppy

A Vizsla’s price varies depending on lineage. You are paying for the dog’s bloodline, which will impact its temperament, size, and intelligence. Normally, it isn’t easy to find pure bloodline Vizslas because of all the cross-breeding.

Generally speaking, prices will range anywhere from somewhere south of a thousand dollars to the north of five thousand dollars. The average price for a puppy with a bloodline is about $1500.

The price of a Vizsla puppy without bloodlines will range from as low as $500 to upwards of a thousand dollars, depending on the reputation and quality of the breeder in question.

Breeder’s Reputation And Price Of Vizsla Puppy

If a breeder has a good reputation, you can feel safe in the quality of their animals. Many things may make them reputable or not. First off, they should have excellent credentials with kennel club papers for registration and show up on registries like the American Kennel Club (AKC).

If you are looking for a Vizsla pet, first consider that the breeder should have solid knowledge about genetics and breed. They should also have an excellent reputation with other dog owners, veterinarians, trainers, and judges. This means any puppies they sell will be healthy in body, mind, and temperament because their parents also had these qualities.

Thus, the price of the puppy rises according to the reputation of the breeder.

Vaccine And Price Of Vizsla Puppy

As Vizslas are susceptible to several health issues, vaccination is a crucial part of maintaining their health.

The American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) recommends a rabies vaccine for all dogs, with the first one given at 16 weeks and then booster shots every three years. Meanwhile, the Vizsla Club Of America (VCA) advises against vaccinating Vizslas under six months old. It is because the club considers the dogs before this has a weaker immunity.

Since the cost of each shot varies, breeders pair that with the price of the puppy.

Disease Testing And Price Of Vizsla Puppy

It’s important to test Vizslas for diseases before they become sick to prevent them from spreading those illnesses around your home. This includes testing for leptospirosis, canine distemper, and several others.

In addition to rabies, you should test Vizslas for canine distemper, hepatitis, and parvovirus before taking them into public or boarding facilities. The VCA suggests administering these tests every six months once the dog is two years old. What’s more, the VCA advises vaccinating Vizsla for Lyme disease annually.

All these tests cost money. So, the dogs will cost more than just the price of their breed.

Kennel Club Papers

Vizslas need to have Kennel Club papers to compete in dog shows or register in a kennel club. What’s more, Vizsla puppies require these papers before they can leave the breeder as well. The cost of Kennel Club papers will vary depending on the pedigree.

Tail Docking And Dew Claw Removal

Some breeders may dock a Vizsla’s tailor to remove their dew claws for cosmetic purposes. But these are not standard practices, and it can cost extra to have them done – as much as $75 per procedure.

What’s more, the American Kennel Club (AKC) requires Vizslas with docked tails, and dewclaws remove soon after birth to avoid injuries, especially in hunting dogs. What’s more, these procedures can also be costly for the owner.

What Are The Types Of Breeders And What Are Their Prices?

There are many types of breeders and what they offer for prices. Here is a list of the different kinds:

Reputable Vizsla Breeders

They’re usually more expensive because these breeders are proud of their work, ensuring that all dogs are healthy before they breed the dogs. On average, the price of Vizsla from reputable breeders ranges from $1200-$4000.

Puppy Mill

What you see is what you get. These breeders are typically in it for the money. So, they’ll offer Vizslas at a low price but will not care about their health or temperament. On average, these types of breeders range from $300 to $700

Backyard Breeders

These breeders typically live on a farm, and they don’t mind if their dogs are having litters of puppies in the backyard. What’s great about these types of breeders is that you can often pick your pup from what’s available. They also offer cheaper rates that range from $50-$500

However, all these prices will vary depending on the breeder’s reputation and location.

What you want to do is make sure that the dog is healthy, happy, and well cared for by the breeder before you purchase it. You’ll be glad if you take a little more time to find what breeders are available near you as you’ll get a dog that is perfect for you.

Expenses That Follow Vizsla To Your Home

Not only the cost of buying Vizsla is expensive. Since these dogs are a high-maintained dog breed, other expenses follow them to your home, Like the cost of the vet bills, food, and supplies.

Furthermore, the expenses that follow after you bring Vizsla home are:

  • Vizslas need annual check-ups, which range from $115 to over $200 per visit depending on your veterinarian’s location, experience with this breed, or prices in your area.
  • A dog crate for Vizsla ranges from $50 to $200, depending on the quality and size.
  • The cost of toys for Vizsla ranges from cheap, disposable items at under $30 per year to expensive chew bones, squeaky balls, or fabric toys that can last years.
  • The grooming cost for a Vizsla ranges from $40 to over $300, depending on the length, thickness, or type of coat your dog has.
  • If you want a yard with an invisible fence that is best for Vizslas, this will cost about $800 upfront and run around $120 to $180 per year.
  • Treating aggression in Vizslas ranges from $100 to $600 depending on severity and time spent.
  • Other costs are routine vaccinations that can cost up to $64 for a single vaccine or more if you want multiple vaccines.
  • Food ranges from $40 to over $120 per month, and supplies for your dog’s health that range in cost.

Even with these expenses, the average price of a Vizsla puppy will be at least $1200 – 2000+, ensuring you have a healthy pet for life.


Lastly, when researching the price of a Vizsla puppy. You have to be careful because there are many different prices, and some are even close to $1000. What is important is that you research your breeder thoroughly before committing any money. Reputable breeders will always want what’s best for their dog first. So, they may not offer as low of a price as you’re hoping for. But when it comes to the money and quality of the pup, we suggest paying that little bit extra.

If you have any questions about this topic or want more information, please feel free to contact us.

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